Merry Christmas

From our family to yours,

Remember that this holiday is not about the gifts and the busyness. What God really wants is YOU!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
John 3:16

Let It Snow!

Let it be known that it SNOWED on December 2, 2009!

I don't remember a time in my life where it's snowed this early in Texas. It was only a dusting, but it's snow nonetheless.

Since it was in the 70s last week and the 50s the day before this snow, it didn't last long. But we're still rip-roaring excited about it, and the boys are hoping for "lots and lots of snow next time". Me too!

When we went out to take these pictures, Winston picked up on all of our excitement and wanted to join us outside. When we lived in Colorado, he loved to play in the snow. He would run and play in it while I shoveled the driveway. I think he remembered those fun times, because he ran through the yard like a maniac this morning. But two minutes later, I found him by the garage door:
"Mom, pleeeeease let me inside. My aching bones aren't what they used to be."

After we took Liam to school, the littles and I went to the gym and returned home for hot chocolate by the Christmas tree.
(Do you think I actually let them drink hot chocolate by the tree...on the carpet?! No way! We drank it at the table and staged the photo afterward.)

If you look close, you can see a hot chocolate mustache on Jackson. Teehee.

Right here is where I'm going to admit that I am prideful about already having my tree up and fully decorated. It's been up since the day after Thanksgiving. And my Christmas shopping is almost finished. Yes, I'm proud. Please forgive me while I relish in the lack of stress ahead of me this month.

Family Time

Who said the calendar could roll over to December??? Where has the time gone? Not only am I having a hard time understanding how it's already December, but I'm really confused how 2009 will be over and done with in less than a month!

Before December came roaring in like a train wreck, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with my extended family. While I was contemplating how I could wrap up our week with family, food, and fun, I decided that it could all be summed up like this: we spent the week loving on our family. That may not be a very creative summary, but it's very true.

See for yourself....

Jack loved on Uncle Ben. (My boys climb on any male that's at least 5' 7". My brother is 6' 2", so they think of Uncle Ben as their personal climbing tower.)
I loved on my Edie girl.
Lordy, I love that girl! And there's just so much to love on her!

Liam loved on Daddy. (Rick tried to take a pre-turkey nap, but he quickly realized that ain't happenin'.)
Garrett loved on his Didi, who made a smashing meal for turkey day.
And I loved on Edie some more. I was in heaven.
Edie loved on her namesake, too.
Look at her tights. Are those not the cutest things you've ever seen?! Edie's momma has a lot of fun dressing her.

And I had a lot of fun loving on her. Oh! I think I said that already.

Maybe Thanksgiving should also be dubbed love on your family because life is too short.

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm not sure how much I'll be around the blog world next week, because a VIP is coming to town.

The Biggest Loser, a.k.a. the cutest baby in the world, will be arriving this weekend, and I can hardly stand the anticipation.
We don't want Edie to lose too many rolls, so we'll make sure we teach her how to load up on turkey and all the fixin's. Or maybe we'll skip all that for the good stuff...the pies.

If I'm not back before Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Remember to give thanks to Whom it is due. "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights , who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17)

PJ Excursion Day

Because it's been months since our last PJ Day, Jack and Garrett were happy when I declared this a PJ Morning. What amazes me about PJ days/mornings is how much more imaginative the boys' play is. While I worked on the laundry mountain, they gathered a large toy box, tools, and pillows.
I have been informed that the toy box is actually a boat, and the hard hats and tools are diving gear. I stand (or sit on the couch) corrected.

Did you know that a hammer can be used as a breathing apparatus?
If not a hammer, then a socket wrench will do just fine.
Since downloading these photos, Garrett has also created a map for their oceanic journey from College Station to Nebraska.

Why Nebraska? "Because some of them Nebraska people don't know about Jesus, and Garrett knows how to get there, " Jack explained.

I won't bother them with the minor detail of the lack of oceans between College Station and Nebraska. They have to figure out some things for themselves.

Friday Funny

Recently, my clothes dryer quit and I picked up the phone to complain in Rick's ear. Jack asked, "Are you calling Big Daddy to come fix our dryer?"

He knows my dad is our Mr. Fix-it.

A similar conversation took place as we sat in traffic the other day.
Garrett: Mommy, what's that noise?
Mommy: That's a diesel truck in front of us. They're noisy.
G: What's a diesel?
M: Diesel is a fuel. My car takes gasoline for fuel, but some trucks take diesel. I'm not sure why they're noisy though.
G: I need to ask Big Daddy, because he knows everything.

Obviously, my boys think the world of my dad.

All Royalties May Be Sent to....

Running errands took way too long the other day. Don't you hate it when that happens? What I hate is when we begin to run out of gas before the car does. Because our tanks were running on fumes, we stopped to grab a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A.

While I doled out the chicken nuggets, Jack and Garrett busied themselves with taping their adhesive placemats to the table.

Those placemats, by the way, were made for germophobic moms like me. Yea for placemats!

As Garrett got his spot all fixed up, he yelled out, "Mommy, look! It's ME!"

Sure enough!
Here's a closer look:
He looks just like my baby 18 mos ago. So much so that I think Chick-fil-A might owe me some royalties.

That boy has cracked me up lately, and I better write this funny down before I forget. One day last week, Garrett had talked until I thought he might run out of things to say. However, he took a breath and was ready to go another nine innings.

Finally, I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and said, "You sure have a lot to say today, G."

To which he replied, "I know and I still have a lot more to say."

A moment of genius struck me when I handed him the phone and told him to call my mom. That gave my ears a thirty-minute break.

Speaking of hands...oh, we weren't talking about hands, but take a look at Garrett's after our latest Science project:
Yes, those manly hands are a beautiful shade of pink tonight after making GobbledyGoop.
Fun little project. Just stay away from the "red". Yellow was much easier to clean up.

You're welcome.

Perhaps the creators of GobbledyGoop would like to place my boy and his pink hands on their logo? All royalties would go towards the purchase of good soap.

One of Our Favorite Activities

I'm about to say something that I bet you've never heard me say. Are you ready?

I am actually enjoying living in Texas right now.

Did I say that? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

The weather has been absolutely dee-lightful lately. If I could just bottle it up and reuse it during those gosh-awful summer months....

There I go again. Complaining about Texas weather.

I'll stop.

Today was sunny and 72 degrees, which is weather that calls for being outside during all waking hours. After my morning workout, I loaded the little boys up to go eat lunch with Daddy.

What does every boy love on such a lovely day in downtown Fort Worth?

The hot dog stand!

Jack and Garrett were in heaven.

After eating, they ran around the hot dog stand.
I would say they were horsing around, but that's actually a panther.
No lunch with Daddy is complete without a visit to his office. Garrett likes to write on the white board.
Jack likes to look out the thirtieth floor window.
I think the future engineer is studying the Fort Worth skyline.
We sure do love our Daddy.
The only thing that could have made today complete would be to have our biggest boy with us. I'm sure we'll have to repeat this day for his benefit during a school holiday.

Shoot, this is Texas, so we'll probably be able to visit the hot dog stand in the dead of what most of you call "winter", which might be a balmy 52 degrees here.

I'm not complainin'. I'm just sayin'.

All the World's Needs

I'm not sure what else the world needs besides a doctor, a pirate, and an Aggie football player.
My world is complete.
The end.


Note to Dryer:

I promise to never ever make you dry six days' worth of laundry in one day again. Please forgive me for the overwhelming work.

Note to Husband:

I promise to never ever make you go to work without an undershirt again. Please forgive me for the lack of clean clothing.

Note to Self:

I promise to never ever let the laundry consume a full day again.

The Very Tired Laundry Lady

The Perfect Ages

When we decided to put Liam into public school, I promised myself that I would be a frequent presence at his school. I have enjoyed volunteering for his teacher on a weekly basis. This allows me to work with each of his classmates, which is an excellent way for me to get to know the kids he's hanging out with.

What I've also wanted to do is to eat lunch with Liam, and I was finally able to do that yesterday. Jack, Garrett, and I took Subway with us, and those two four year olds were all eyes as they watched the different classes walk in/out of the cafeteria.

"Mommy, there's a lot of kids in here," exclaimed Garrett. "No kidding," I said.

"Mommy, why is that boy in the camo shirt sitting by himself," asked Jackson. "Well, I'm guessing he got into trouble," I explained. "How do you know," he asked. "I was a teacher once, and I know what goes on in schools, " I said.

Let that be a lesson for you, little man.

Finally, our big first grader came to eat with us, and he beamed from ear to ear to show his buddies that he was eating at the guest table with his mom and brothers.

Can I just freeze him at this age? This age where he is not embarrassed by my presence. This age where he hugs and kisses me in front of a couple hundred kids. This age where he is learning to be a leader and his classmates love him. This age...I love it.

I should have taken my camera with me to the school, but I wasn't quite sure I could juggle it along with lunch, drinks, and two wide-eyed preschoolers. But when Liam got home from school this afternoon, I asked him what he thought of us visiting him for lunch, and he gave me a huge smile. Kind of like this.
I'm so proud of that boy. He's a lover, a giver, a leader, and a friend to so many.

After lunch, the littles and I ran a few errands before returning home. All of my boys are good at coming home and quickly finding something to do with themselves. This is great for me so that I can work on some things around the house, such as the never ending laundry and dishes.

Once I got some laundry going, I grabbed my camera, since I've neglected that appendage for too long. I walked up on Jack to find him reading The Chronicles of Narnia.
Shortly after I snapped this photo, he slammed the book shut and said, "Mommy, I finished the whole book!" Wow, 767 pages is quite impressive, Jackson.

I climbed the stairs to find Garrett gathering toys. When I asked what he was doing, he said, "I'm finding toys for when me and Liam grow up and we travel. We're going to visit each state starting with Colorado."

"That sounds like a great plan. What do you need for your trip," I asked.
He proceeded to explain that they will need two walkie talkies to talk to each other, binoculars to see where they're going, a whistle in case they need help, an Etch-a-Sketch for fun, and a bag with a dollar and a few coins to share with others.

No mention of clothing, toothbrushes, or food. For some reason, I am not surprised.

Do you know where the youngest explorer is right now? He's on the couch pouting. Pouting because he's extremely disappointed that it will take so long to be old enough to take this trip.

For me personally, I'm glad that none of my boys are old enough to travel without me. I think that all 3 of them are at the perfect age, and I really am going to find a way to freeze them at their current stages.

Smart Aggie

Howdy! How y'all been? We're doing well around here. I'll skip right over the excuses for my absence, since my sporadic posts are obviously becoming habitual.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Rick gets season tickets to Texas A&M's football season. He's been good to take one boy with him to every game this year, which is quite nice for me to be left behind with only two little men.

I was finally invited to a game two weeks ago.

This is where Rick would love to jump in here to comment that I'm "invited to every game". Yea right.

Moving right along.

Anyway, we took Garrett with us to that game in order to lighten the load for my wonderful mom who volunteered her babysitting services. Garrett is the easiest boy to take to the games, because he is absolutely eaten up with the Aggies. He might have been born in Sooner Country, but he was born with Aggie blood running through his veins.
What a face! I might be biased, but I believe he is the cutest Aggie.

He's also a smart Aggie. After watching our Ags go to the slaughter house versus Kansas State this past week, Garrett has decided that he will not skip Thanksgiving dinner to attend the Texas vs. A&M game. Yesterday, he told his Daddy, "I want to go to Didi's house for Thanksgiving, because I'm afraid the Longhorns will beat the Aggies."

Kids are painfully honest.

T-shirt Expert

Have you ever watched this video on how to fold a t-shirt?

I've watched it a time or twenty, and try if I might, I still couldn't catch on. It's as if I needed a the dummies version.

Rick, my hero, found just exactly that the other night.

We watched the dummies version together and then pulled out two shirts to practice with. I completed the task like an expert on my first attempt.

I just might have been too proud about it, because I wasn't able to repeat with such precision for the rest of the night. I'll just blame it on the swine flu. I wasn't quite myself with all the coughing and aching.

Rick, however, caught on after his second attempt. In fact, he was so successful that he proceeded to pull out all of his t-shirts and expertly fold every last one.

He was so pleased with himself that he wanted me to get out the camera and document for the blog. I declined, because the chair on which I was sitting my achy body was more inviting than photography.

Ladies, can I let you in on a little secret?

Lean closer.

Are you listening?

If you can get your husband to watch the video, he might find such pleasure in folding t-shirts that he'll proclaim, "Honey, I'll fold all t-shirts from now on."

And you'll gladly hand him the laundry basket tomorrow.

The Ailment of 2009 *UPDATED*

We've all had the swine flu, and I'm happy to report that you, too, can live through it and not even sprout a pig's nose.

Rick and Liam were hit the hardest. In fact, Liam is still quite miserable, but I do believe I see the light at the end of this tunnel with only one of us ailing.

I'm also hoping and praying that we have gotten our bout with the flu over with early in the season and that we won't catch any other strain of it.

Please don't tell me, "When pigs fly!"

*UPDATE* Apparently, this flu ebbs and flows. Rick and Garrett are not feeling well again today after feeling fine for 2 days. Liam is improving, thankfully. Jack and I seem to be holding steady.

Friday Funny

Just before Jack began his bedtime prayers last night, I said, "Remember to say your thanksgivings, too."

"Dear God, please make it fanksgiving soon and help me to obey. Amen."


More Than A One-Liner

Forgive me if I'm a tad bit sarcastic tonight. Consider yourself warned.

Apparently this blog has taken a back burner once again. I'll not make any excuses for my absence, except it might be that I've had nothing to say.

"Nothing" might be an exaggeration, as I've had several one-liners in mind, but as you've noticed over the duration of this blog, one-liners on this blog are not common.

Would you be surprised to know that I am actually a woman of few words? Those of you that don't know me in real life might find that hard to believe, considering the posts that run on forsweetever around here, but it is true. I am not one of those women that have 10,000 words per day. 2,000 might be more accurate.

My husband, on the other hand, takes up the slack. That man can talk, y'all!

I can pick on him right now, because he's in bed with the flu. Actually, the flu test came back negative, but how else do you explain body aches, chills, and fever?

I better not pick on him anymore, because I have been praying that the Lord would protect the boys and me from this illness. As a result, I might oughtta mind my p's and q's tonight.

As the boys and I ate dinner this evening, Liam asked, "Mommy, if a stranger ever tries to take us, do we scream and punch?"

(I must pause here and let my mother know that she doesn't need to worry that some traumatic circumstance brought about this topic of conversation. Mom, he's fine. Nothing happened.

Liam is actually thinking of next school year, when he will pick up his brothers from their kindergarten classes and bring them to me. He thought that meant that they, the three amigos, were walking themselves all the way home, but I quickly informed him that I will be at the school's front door next year, just as I am this year.)

"Boys if a stranger ever tries to take you, you scream, kick them in the privates, and run for dear life," I said.

That statement brought the house down in roaring laughter from three little boys. Liam literally fell from his chair to roll on the floor.

The next 15 minutes were spent with each boy repeating, "Scream and kick them in the privates," and new bursts of laughter.

How's that for a one-liner?

I'm thinking that I didn't make much progress in the stranger danger talk tonight, so I need to relocate our DVD.

What is it with little boys and their fascination with such potty talk? God must find it quite funny to have given me three boys.

Very funny.

I believe I've now used my allotted 2,000 words for this day, so it must be time to curl up with my pillow and a book.

Good night.

For Posterity's Sake

I often wonder what I will forget about my boys' childhood when they are grown and gone. I like to think that I have a good memory, but then I remember that I can't remember my own age without the use of my driver's license. So I guess it's a good thing that I use this blog to journal my boys' childhood.

What is of utmost importance to every young child? Their mommy and daddy, yes. Their favorite comfort food, yes. But what about their bed buddies?

In case I can't remember these details when they're 30 and married and sleeping with their wives, I better reveal their favorite nighttime companions at this stage.

My mother-in-law gave Liam this boy version of a Groovy Girl doll back when we first adopted him.
"Kalvin" is the name given him by Groovy Girl, and he sat in Liam's bed from day one. Once Liam was old enough to grab toys, Kalvin was never far from his reach. Once Liam began talking, he renamed Kalvin as "Chachi".

I would love to tell you that Kalvin still looks that great, but the above doll is actually a second doll that I bought "just in case" we ever lost the original.

This is the original, bless his heart:
Chachi has had a hard life.

My mother-in-law made Jack a bear of minke when we first brought him home. Originally, Bear was 100% minke with arms. Recently, Bear was missing an arm, so my MIL amputated the other arm and gave him a new belly.
Jack is fine with the new creation, because he falls asleep rubbing Bear's right ear. I, however, find the bear with a bat's body rather disturbing, so let's move on.

When Garrett was a baby, he didn't really attach to any particular toy, but he loved to chew on a cloth diaper. Mmm, good.

When he was ten months old, I saw a small blue minke and satin blanket at Target that I thought might interest him enough to replace the cloth diaper. It definitely worked, and here's Blanket four years later.
Blanket has also seen better days.

In the past year, each boy has added numerous buddies to their bedtime routine, but they each still prefer their first love.

Before I go check my driver's license for my birthdate, what do your kids need for sleeping?

Rainy Days

If you've paid any attention to the nation's weather over the past few days, you've probably heard of the heavy rainfall that has fallen over most of Texas. From Friday through Monday, we received about 6.5 inches of rain in our area.

Apparently that rain has hampered Garrett's outdoor play time, because he built his very own playground yesterday.
That's a slide coming down the front and monkey bars on top. I honestly couldn't explain the rest of it.

He spent a good 30 minutes and a roll of tape on that masterpiece, and he is quite proud of it.

When it rains, I'm reminded that my mom often fixed breakfast for dinner when I was growing up. Rick doesn't usually care to play along with that nostalgia, but when the cat's away, the mice will play.

Because I was a single parent last night, the boys and I had breakfast for dinner! They weren't too thrilled about the idea, until I added hot chocolate to the menu. Why not? The temperature finally dipped below 102.
Jack doesn't really like eggs. Can you tell?
Liam loved his biscuit with apple butter.
And Garrett loved his hot chocolate. Who wouldn't?

(Yes, my baby requested his curls be cut off over the weekend. I'm trying to look at the bright side, which is the time we save every morning in not having to detangle his hair, but I still miss his curls.)

We are so glad for the rain and for what seems like the end of the horrible heat.

Babbling About Babel and Babies

I'm sorry I didn't inform you that I needed a blogging break for the past two weeks. I would have told you, only I didn't know it myself, until, lo and behold, it's been nearly two weeks since I've laid eyes on this blog.

It's not so much that I needed a blogging break, but a better description would be that I had writer's block. My mind and heart have been full of some heavy stuff lately, and there are some things that I just can't write about here. At times, it's too hard to look past all the stuff to write about the simple pleasures of my life.

How do you like the vagueness in this post thus far? It reminds me of Charlie Brown's teacher...blah, blah, blah.... In a nutshell, the CupRunnethOver family is fine, and we are all glad the last two weeks over and done!

Moving right along.

Where Rick typically leads us in a family devotion in the evenings, I was flying solo tonight. I picked up my favorite children's Bible, The Jesus Storybible Book, and asked Liam to choose a story from the table of contents. He chose "A giant staircase to heaven", which is the story of the Tower of Babel.

You can find the adult version of the story in Genesis 11, but here's the gist. After Noah and his family left the arc, they multiplied a few times over (Okay, maybe more than a few times over, but I haven't looked up their family tree.), and they were living in one area and speaking one language. They decided to build a tower tall enough to reach the heavens.

As you can imagine, that was quite the undertaking, and their hearts were not in the right place. We cannot simply walk to heaven of our own accord; we need salvation through Jesus in order to reach heaven.

God was not happy with Noah's descendants' plan, because it was not His plan. Therefore, He chose to change their tongues. Instead of everyone speaking and understanding the same language, suddenly they each spoke different tongues and no longer understood one another.

Can you imagine the frustration of awaking one day to not understand the people that you spoke to the day before? Suddenly, everyone around you sounds like a babbling idiot! And they think you're the babbling idiot. I'm not sure about you, but I think I might get a little angry.

And they did. They fought a great deal, until they finally began dispersing themselves and starting new lives in different areas of the world. This is why we have different languages today, but that isn't the point here.

As I explained to my boys, the point is that we must remember to follow God's plan. We can't simply take a map and walk to heaven. We need to seek Jesus, and there we'll find our salvation. Once we're saved, we have to seek Him through prayer, Bible study, and Christian fellowship, in order to keep ourselves in line with His plan.

Our own plans will fail us, but God's plan is best. "'For I know the plans I have for you,' delcares the Lord. 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" (Jeremiah 29:11) I want my boys to desire nothing less than seeking His plan.

Somehow, this discussion of the Tower of Babel led us into a discussion of baby #4. Liam said, "Mommy, I really want a baby sister."

(Has anyone else noticed how these difficult topics come up at bedtime? My boys' timing is impeccable.)

"Well, Liam," I said. "I don't know if we're going to adopt anymore kids. Daddy and I feel pretty blessed with three boys, and we're not sure that we're supposed to have anymore kids."

"But I really, really want a baby sister, " he begged.

"Then, you need to pray to God and tell Him what you desire. But if He chooses a different plan for our family, then we need to be content with our family the way that it is. We are very blessed to have two parents and three boys," I added.

The four of us talked for a few more minutes about various world crisis, such as hang nails, scratchy throats, and frigid room temperatures. (All of the world's problems seems to arise at bedtime, I tell you.)

Eventually, I had to wrap it up and asked the boys to each think of their own prayers for that night. I reminded them to think of something to thank God for and something to ask of Him.

After a moment of quiet reflection, we closed our eyes, and I called on each boy to pray.

Jack: "Dear God, thank you for the trees, the grass, and the earf. Will you please give us a baby, because I really want a baby. But if you don't want us to have a baby, then that's okay, because we have a good family. But I really want a baby. Amen."

Liam: "God Jesus, [Yes, he addresses God that way every time.] thank you for this day and for all the food and for this house. If it's okay, please you give us a baby? If you don't want us to have a baby, then help us to be grateful for our family. Amen."

Garrett: "God Jesus, [He does pretty much everything the same as Liam.] thank you for this day. I want a baby. If you don't want us to have a baby, then help us to be happy with three boys. Amen."

By george, I think they understood the point of my babbling about Babel and babies, however it is we got there.

Plum Wore Out

Garrett was supposed to be thinking about an apology he owed me.
Either his thinking wore him out.

Or it bored him to sleep.

Or maybe he was just plum wore out.

Report Card

So, we're on day 5 of Liam's first grade year. How are we doing?

Liam will receive an A+ for waking up with excitement, maintaining good behavior at school, and eating like a pro both day and night.

Mommy will receive an A- for dropping him off each morning without too many tears.

I was only misty-eyed on day 1. Days 2 & 3 were tear-free. Day 4 had a glitch called rain, which required me to drop him off from the car, and I boo-hooed watching my little boy walk into that huge building without me.

Day 5 was tear-free, but I wore a huge smile when my school boy ran to the school's front door, only to return to us with unsolicited hugs for his brothers and me.

Have I ever mentioned what a lover Liam is? Mmm, I could eat him up! I know there will be a day all too soon when he won't hug us in person, so I soaked up today's.

Jack and Garrett will receive A+ for following me everywhere and for their positive attitudes during their home preschool. All three of us are enjoying the extra time we have with each other.

When we are not schooling, the little boys are busy being super heroes and fighting battles.
Daddy, Didi and Big Daddy (my parents) all receive an A++ for giving me a date night tonight!

Can I tell you what has been the best part of sending Liam to public school? Although I miss him all day, picking him up every afternoon has been an absolute delight. As soon as he spots me in the pick-up area, he runs to me and immediately hugs me and holds my hand. He sticks close to my side for at least the first 30 minutes after returning home, as he tells me about his day and doles out more love. I think he misses me at least a little bit.

How I will miss this loving stage some day! But for today, I can blog about it with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.


I am a lucky mama. Do you know why?

I had a super hero follow me all. day. long.

SuperJack to the rescue!
Everywhere I went, there he was. He assisted me with walking Liam to school, washing my car, borrowing books from the library, accomplishing small tasks around the house, and picking up Liam.

Yes, Jack wore his cape everywhere.

I even had to turn him away when I visited the restroom. "No, SuperJack, I can handle this on my own."

But I sure did chuckle over the cuteness of his imagination at work during our regular living. Do you think he turned a few heads while we were out and about? Oh yea!

There's Never a Dull Moment Around Here

Rick was home with us today, as he flew in this morning from a business trip. Around lunch, he hollered, "Ami, come look at all these bugs outside!" I met him in the breakfast area and looked out the window to see thousands of these "bugs" flying around our maple tree. I squinted this-a-way and that-a-way before I said, "Rick, those aren't just bugs. They're bees!"

Within a couple of minutes, they settled onto a branch of the maple just ten feet from our back door. What does any good blogger do with a sudden bee infestation? She takes the camera outside!
At first, we thought they were on a beehive or something, but they were actually settled onto each other. Thousands of bees takin' a little break on my tree that formed a huddle about the length and width of my thigh. (And I'll readily admit that my thighs aren't small.)

Apparently, the place to be is my backyard. Come one. Come all.

We made several calls to try to find help with our newest residents. We were a little afraid to do something about them ourselves, since Rick's recent heart attack taught us about the fragility of life.

FYI, the humane society does not help with bees.

Because I'm full of information today, would you like another FYI? It's cheaper to have the bees killed than to have them moved elsewhere.

As we waited for the exterminator to begin his spraying, Garrett watched with great anticipation. (Jack was napping, and Liam, a.k.a. the bug lover, was at school.)
Winston waited at our feet with this silly look.
"Hey, Mom, what'ssss goin' on out there," my furry boy asked.

Winston, the exterminator is here!
He sprayed what looked like a gallon of poison at our tree before he was satisfied that our grass was covered with dead bees.
Except for the Lone Ranger.
Who is now smashed on my porch.

Before you bee lovers write hate mail, please consider the fact that my husband is extremely allergic to all things outdoors. His heart attack three weeks ago was probably caused by an allergic reaction, so we just weren't willing to take a chance of him getting stung once, much less thousands of times. The exterminator also said the bees could easily be disturbed and reposition themselves into eaves of our house, so we really weren't willing to wait and see where they decided to settle next.