Smart Aggie

Howdy! How y'all been? We're doing well around here. I'll skip right over the excuses for my absence, since my sporadic posts are obviously becoming habitual.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Rick gets season tickets to Texas A&M's football season. He's been good to take one boy with him to every game this year, which is quite nice for me to be left behind with only two little men.

I was finally invited to a game two weeks ago.

This is where Rick would love to jump in here to comment that I'm "invited to every game". Yea right.

Moving right along.

Anyway, we took Garrett with us to that game in order to lighten the load for my wonderful mom who volunteered her babysitting services. Garrett is the easiest boy to take to the games, because he is absolutely eaten up with the Aggies. He might have been born in Sooner Country, but he was born with Aggie blood running through his veins.
What a face! I might be biased, but I believe he is the cutest Aggie.

He's also a smart Aggie. After watching our Ags go to the slaughter house versus Kansas State this past week, Garrett has decided that he will not skip Thanksgiving dinner to attend the Texas vs. A&M game. Yesterday, he told his Daddy, "I want to go to Didi's house for Thanksgiving, because I'm afraid the Longhorns will beat the Aggies."

Kids are painfully honest.

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