PJ Excursion Day

Because it's been months since our last PJ Day, Jack and Garrett were happy when I declared this a PJ Morning. What amazes me about PJ days/mornings is how much more imaginative the boys' play is. While I worked on the laundry mountain, they gathered a large toy box, tools, and pillows.
I have been informed that the toy box is actually a boat, and the hard hats and tools are diving gear. I stand (or sit on the couch) corrected.

Did you know that a hammer can be used as a breathing apparatus?
If not a hammer, then a socket wrench will do just fine.
Since downloading these photos, Garrett has also created a map for their oceanic journey from College Station to Nebraska.

Why Nebraska? "Because some of them Nebraska people don't know about Jesus, and Garrett knows how to get there, " Jack explained.

I won't bother them with the minor detail of the lack of oceans between College Station and Nebraska. They have to figure out some things for themselves.

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Daddy said...

I love their imaginations! Aren't you glad you're at home, Mommy, to see and hear these conversations?