Dadgum, I Have a 1st Grader!

I'm happy to report the first day of 1st grade was a success.

Here is my big boy at bright-thirty in the morning.
(That's not a ponytail sprouting out of the top of his head. That would be the overgrowth of our flowerbed).

Liam wanted to be sure that I photographed his backside as well.
He's so proud of that camo backpack.

He didn't want me to walk him to his class, but I was able to use photography as my excuse to walk him in.

And the one photo I got with his teacher...blurry.

Well, I guess I'll be known as the mom who carries her camera every day until I can get a better shot. I might be called the paparazzi by the end of 1st grade.

I'm happy to report that I dropped him off without crying.

Until I noticed a sad face on Garrett. I asked my youngest what was wrong, and he fought back tears to say, "I don't want Liam to stay here. I miss him."

Dadgum, I was going to do this without tears!

I was, however, able to hold back the alligator tears and only get misty-eyed. Garrett's tears disappeared quickly, as I let the littles play at the park for a while.

We stayed busy all day, but my thoughts were never far from my school boy.

When we picked him up, Liam was happy and lovey. He gave me a hug right in the carpool line! Once we got home, I was the lucky recipient of 2 more unsolicited hugs.

When asked about his first day, he reported that lunch was his favorite part. Music was a close second, but he wanted to know when he has PE and art.

After his full report, I said, "It sounds like you had a good day." He said, "Uh huh, and I want to go back tomorrow."

Well, it's a good thing this school business works on a daily basis.

I have two questions for the moms of older students. How long will it be before I stop thinking about him every minute of the day? How long before he stops greeting me with a hug at the end of the day?

Because I don't want either to stop.


Daddy said...

Dadgum, I'm sorry I missed this wonderful day!

Debbie B said...

So sweet! That backpack is HUGE!