Friday Funny

Recently, my clothes dryer quit and I picked up the phone to complain in Rick's ear. Jack asked, "Are you calling Big Daddy to come fix our dryer?"

He knows my dad is our Mr. Fix-it.

A similar conversation took place as we sat in traffic the other day.
Garrett: Mommy, what's that noise?
Mommy: That's a diesel truck in front of us. They're noisy.
G: What's a diesel?
M: Diesel is a fuel. My car takes gasoline for fuel, but some trucks take diesel. I'm not sure why they're noisy though.
G: I need to ask Big Daddy, because he knows everything.

Obviously, my boys think the world of my dad.

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common mom said...

I think it's awesome! And great that you will always know WHO they're going to for their information - a very trusted source :-)