T-shirt Expert

Have you ever watched this video on how to fold a t-shirt?

I've watched it a time or twenty, and try if I might, I still couldn't catch on. It's as if I needed a the dummies version.

Rick, my hero, found just exactly that the other night.

We watched the dummies version together and then pulled out two shirts to practice with. I completed the task like an expert on my first attempt.

I just might have been too proud about it, because I wasn't able to repeat with such precision for the rest of the night. I'll just blame it on the swine flu. I wasn't quite myself with all the coughing and aching.

Rick, however, caught on after his second attempt. In fact, he was so successful that he proceeded to pull out all of his t-shirts and expertly fold every last one.

He was so pleased with himself that he wanted me to get out the camera and document for the blog. I declined, because the chair on which I was sitting my achy body was more inviting than photography.

Ladies, can I let you in on a little secret?

Lean closer.

Are you listening?

If you can get your husband to watch the video, he might find such pleasure in folding t-shirts that he'll proclaim, "Honey, I'll fold all t-shirts from now on."

And you'll gladly hand him the laundry basket tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

John LIKES to fold laundry!!! We will watch a ballgame or a show on tv and do load after load. It is wonderful....if he only loved to put it away!!!!!hmmmm, is there a video for that?

So, you ended up with the Flu??? I am hoping that I have avoided it....

Bee Jay said...

Oh I had a good chuckle at that - I think my DH might be more fingers and thumbs but I have to say I've never tried it - I'll sure have to have a look at the dummies version.