Report Card

So, we're on day 5 of Liam's first grade year. How are we doing?

Liam will receive an A+ for waking up with excitement, maintaining good behavior at school, and eating like a pro both day and night.

Mommy will receive an A- for dropping him off each morning without too many tears.

I was only misty-eyed on day 1. Days 2 & 3 were tear-free. Day 4 had a glitch called rain, which required me to drop him off from the car, and I boo-hooed watching my little boy walk into that huge building without me.

Day 5 was tear-free, but I wore a huge smile when my school boy ran to the school's front door, only to return to us with unsolicited hugs for his brothers and me.

Have I ever mentioned what a lover Liam is? Mmm, I could eat him up! I know there will be a day all too soon when he won't hug us in person, so I soaked up today's.

Jack and Garrett will receive A+ for following me everywhere and for their positive attitudes during their home preschool. All three of us are enjoying the extra time we have with each other.

When we are not schooling, the little boys are busy being super heroes and fighting battles.
Daddy, Didi and Big Daddy (my parents) all receive an A++ for giving me a date night tonight!

Can I tell you what has been the best part of sending Liam to public school? Although I miss him all day, picking him up every afternoon has been an absolute delight. As soon as he spots me in the pick-up area, he runs to me and immediately hugs me and holds my hand. He sticks close to my side for at least the first 30 minutes after returning home, as he tells me about his day and doles out more love. I think he misses me at least a little bit.

How I will miss this loving stage some day! But for today, I can blog about it with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.


Russell Crowe said...

Did the gladiators make it through the fight without any tears?

Jennifer said...

I had Liam in class today. We ran into Jack who came and gave him a hug and I told Liam that I had seen all three of the Roybal boys today because I saw Garrett when I first got to church. He told me "yea, I have two brothers and did you know that I love them both?" Sweet!
I told him that I recognized his first day of school shirt, and he asked "did my mom e-mail you a picture?" I told him I saw it on your blog, but he didn't act like he believed me! He thinks that you are sending me pictures of him and what he wears! He is so fun!

common mom said...

I don't think that loving stage will go away. Dude is 9 and STILL gives me a kiss and a hug when the bus comes - in front of EVERYONE ;-) And when he gets off the bus, as sweet as ever with a hug and hops talking all the way to the house. Don't get misty eyed - Liam will not stop being a lover :-)