One of Our Favorite Activities

I'm about to say something that I bet you've never heard me say. Are you ready?

I am actually enjoying living in Texas right now.

Did I say that? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

The weather has been absolutely dee-lightful lately. If I could just bottle it up and reuse it during those gosh-awful summer months....

There I go again. Complaining about Texas weather.

I'll stop.

Today was sunny and 72 degrees, which is weather that calls for being outside during all waking hours. After my morning workout, I loaded the little boys up to go eat lunch with Daddy.

What does every boy love on such a lovely day in downtown Fort Worth?

The hot dog stand!

Jack and Garrett were in heaven.

After eating, they ran around the hot dog stand.
I would say they were horsing around, but that's actually a panther.
No lunch with Daddy is complete without a visit to his office. Garrett likes to write on the white board.
Jack likes to look out the thirtieth floor window.
I think the future engineer is studying the Fort Worth skyline.
We sure do love our Daddy.
The only thing that could have made today complete would be to have our biggest boy with us. I'm sure we'll have to repeat this day for his benefit during a school holiday.

Shoot, this is Texas, so we'll probably be able to visit the hot dog stand in the dead of what most of you call "winter", which might be a balmy 52 degrees here.

I'm not complainin'. I'm just sayin'.

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Debbie B said...

Agree completely! I sure don't miss living in the north east around this time of year.