For Posterity's Sake

I often wonder what I will forget about my boys' childhood when they are grown and gone. I like to think that I have a good memory, but then I remember that I can't remember my own age without the use of my driver's license. So I guess it's a good thing that I use this blog to journal my boys' childhood.

What is of utmost importance to every young child? Their mommy and daddy, yes. Their favorite comfort food, yes. But what about their bed buddies?

In case I can't remember these details when they're 30 and married and sleeping with their wives, I better reveal their favorite nighttime companions at this stage.

My mother-in-law gave Liam this boy version of a Groovy Girl doll back when we first adopted him.
"Kalvin" is the name given him by Groovy Girl, and he sat in Liam's bed from day one. Once Liam was old enough to grab toys, Kalvin was never far from his reach. Once Liam began talking, he renamed Kalvin as "Chachi".

I would love to tell you that Kalvin still looks that great, but the above doll is actually a second doll that I bought "just in case" we ever lost the original.

This is the original, bless his heart:
Chachi has had a hard life.

My mother-in-law made Jack a bear of minke when we first brought him home. Originally, Bear was 100% minke with arms. Recently, Bear was missing an arm, so my MIL amputated the other arm and gave him a new belly.
Jack is fine with the new creation, because he falls asleep rubbing Bear's right ear. I, however, find the bear with a bat's body rather disturbing, so let's move on.

When Garrett was a baby, he didn't really attach to any particular toy, but he loved to chew on a cloth diaper. Mmm, good.

When he was ten months old, I saw a small blue minke and satin blanket at Target that I thought might interest him enough to replace the cloth diaper. It definitely worked, and here's Blanket four years later.
Blanket has also seen better days.

In the past year, each boy has added numerous buddies to their bedtime routine, but they each still prefer their first love.

Before I go check my driver's license for my birthdate, what do your kids need for sleeping?


Jen Mall said...

Well...until Mason's last bday he slept on the original pillowcase that I bought him as a reward for sleeping in a big boy bed. I changed it one night because I thought he was too big for it and apparently he wasn't "ready" because he asked for it back because "it is just so soft." It was a two sided character side Elmo...the other side, Cookie Monster. Cute...when you are 2. Kendall sleeps with about 5 babies and the silky that your MIL made...which is starting to come undone. But she LOVES that thing!!!

Debbie B said...

These are hilarious.
I try to get pictures of Isabel's favorite toys for the same reason. One day I'll want to look back and remember that one of her favorite toys is a roll of packing tape.

As long as Isabel has 2 pacifiers she is happy. Although I think she is growing fond of having her Elmo blanket with her. I'm in search of another one right now actually so that I'll have a replacement or one just for her box of memories.

Bee Jay said...

Oh Ami how lovely to have pics of their favourites. Two out of our three kids had bed 'buddies' - for one it was a proper yellow teddy bear which although has seen better days, sits now in this 42 yr old's china cabinet - the other was a second hand knitted rabbit, a hand me down from a friend which also still exists, much repaired and really unrecognisable as the original but very much loved all the same. That lasted as a bed buddy well into the 'childs' 20's.