All Royalties May Be Sent to....

Running errands took way too long the other day. Don't you hate it when that happens? What I hate is when we begin to run out of gas before the car does. Because our tanks were running on fumes, we stopped to grab a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A.

While I doled out the chicken nuggets, Jack and Garrett busied themselves with taping their adhesive placemats to the table.

Those placemats, by the way, were made for germophobic moms like me. Yea for placemats!

As Garrett got his spot all fixed up, he yelled out, "Mommy, look! It's ME!"

Sure enough!
Here's a closer look:
He looks just like my baby 18 mos ago. So much so that I think Chick-fil-A might owe me some royalties.

That boy has cracked me up lately, and I better write this funny down before I forget. One day last week, Garrett had talked until I thought he might run out of things to say. However, he took a breath and was ready to go another nine innings.

Finally, I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and said, "You sure have a lot to say today, G."

To which he replied, "I know and I still have a lot more to say."

A moment of genius struck me when I handed him the phone and told him to call my mom. That gave my ears a thirty-minute break.

Speaking of hands...oh, we weren't talking about hands, but take a look at Garrett's after our latest Science project:
Yes, those manly hands are a beautiful shade of pink tonight after making GobbledyGoop.
Fun little project. Just stay away from the "red". Yellow was much easier to clean up.

You're welcome.

Perhaps the creators of GobbledyGoop would like to place my boy and his pink hands on their logo? All royalties would go towards the purchase of good soap.

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Bee Jay said...

Kids sure are precious aren't they?