More Than A One-Liner

Forgive me if I'm a tad bit sarcastic tonight. Consider yourself warned.

Apparently this blog has taken a back burner once again. I'll not make any excuses for my absence, except it might be that I've had nothing to say.

"Nothing" might be an exaggeration, as I've had several one-liners in mind, but as you've noticed over the duration of this blog, one-liners on this blog are not common.

Would you be surprised to know that I am actually a woman of few words? Those of you that don't know me in real life might find that hard to believe, considering the posts that run on forsweetever around here, but it is true. I am not one of those women that have 10,000 words per day. 2,000 might be more accurate.

My husband, on the other hand, takes up the slack. That man can talk, y'all!

I can pick on him right now, because he's in bed with the flu. Actually, the flu test came back negative, but how else do you explain body aches, chills, and fever?

I better not pick on him anymore, because I have been praying that the Lord would protect the boys and me from this illness. As a result, I might oughtta mind my p's and q's tonight.

As the boys and I ate dinner this evening, Liam asked, "Mommy, if a stranger ever tries to take us, do we scream and punch?"

(I must pause here and let my mother know that she doesn't need to worry that some traumatic circumstance brought about this topic of conversation. Mom, he's fine. Nothing happened.

Liam is actually thinking of next school year, when he will pick up his brothers from their kindergarten classes and bring them to me. He thought that meant that they, the three amigos, were walking themselves all the way home, but I quickly informed him that I will be at the school's front door next year, just as I am this year.)

"Boys if a stranger ever tries to take you, you scream, kick them in the privates, and run for dear life," I said.

That statement brought the house down in roaring laughter from three little boys. Liam literally fell from his chair to roll on the floor.

The next 15 minutes were spent with each boy repeating, "Scream and kick them in the privates," and new bursts of laughter.

How's that for a one-liner?

I'm thinking that I didn't make much progress in the stranger danger talk tonight, so I need to relocate our DVD.

What is it with little boys and their fascination with such potty talk? God must find it quite funny to have given me three boys.

Very funny.

I believe I've now used my allotted 2,000 words for this day, so it must be time to curl up with my pillow and a book.

Good night.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry that Rick is Sick! Hope that you can avoid it. Reagan is my potty talker. Last night coming home from church, she was singing her rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" and on the chorus very loudly, she sang "yes, Jesus poo-poo'd, yes Jesus poo-poo'd, yes Jesus poo-poo'd, the Bible tells me so" The big kids were laughing so hard that they were crying! What am I could to do with her???