The Ailment of 2009 *UPDATED*

We've all had the swine flu, and I'm happy to report that you, too, can live through it and not even sprout a pig's nose.

Rick and Liam were hit the hardest. In fact, Liam is still quite miserable, but I do believe I see the light at the end of this tunnel with only one of us ailing.

I'm also hoping and praying that we have gotten our bout with the flu over with early in the season and that we won't catch any other strain of it.

Please don't tell me, "When pigs fly!"

*UPDATE* Apparently, this flu ebbs and flows. Rick and Garrett are not feeling well again today after feeling fine for 2 days. Liam is improving, thankfully. Jack and I seem to be holding steady.


Jen Mall said...

UGH! I am sorry you've been hit!!! And all at once! How miserable! I would offer to come help, but I am going to keep my 'high risk' girl on this side of town! I will be that sufficient?

Ami said...

Jenn, considering how hard this stuff hit my "high-risk" boy, I would never ask that of you! Prayers are always welcome.

Carly Kaemmerling said...

Do you mind if I ask what high risk factors your son had and how he handled the flu? We've got a couple of high-risk kids over here, including Judah, who gets an asthma attack from the common cold. We plan to get the vaccination as soon as it's available (and assuming it's still effective for this strain), but I'd like to have some idea of what to expect if we do get this virus. Thanks.

Ami said...

Carly, Liam is asthmatic, which automatically puts him in the high-risk category. He's also had pneumonia in the past, which is another factor. We do not get the flu vaccine, and this is the first time our kids have had the flu, and Rick and I haven't had the flu since we were kids. Drs pressure us to vaccinate ever year b/c of Liam's asthma, but we refuse. We have a nebulizer at home for breathing treatments, and Liam needed it every few hours with this flu. Our symptoms were...aches, chills, fever around 102, and congestion. We battled it with rest, fluids, fever-reducing meds, and Sudafed helped some with the congestion. Rick and Liam were sick 5 or 6 days, and the rest of us were sick only a day or two.

Carly Kaemmerling said...

Thanks for sharing, Ami. We didn't used to immunize for the flu either, but now that there are so many of us, getting the shot is definitely worth it. Plus, since we get it co-pay-free, it's a lot cheaper than paying for OTC medicines for everyone!
We also have a nebulizer for Judah, but this past year he was too young for it to be effective, so we pretty much went straight to prednisone when he had an attack. Hopefully this winter he's big enough to use the machine and stay away from the steroids.
I hope you all stay virus-free for the rest of the season!