Liam's Adoption Story Part II

Thank you for joining me for the conclusion to Liam’s adoption story. For those that missed part one yesterday, please go here.

Because Louisiana has a five-day waiting period, the agency we worked with asked us to stay at home in Colorado until Liam was five days old. We tried our best to obey, but we couldn’t sit at home with nothing to do, so we left the next day and drove to visit family in Texas until day three. We planned to leave Texas on day four and head to Louisiana in preparation for our early morning day five placement.

On the morning of day four, we ate breakfast at IHOP with my parents and Rick’s mom just before leaving for Louisiana. We were all so excited to know that we would finally have our baby boy the next morning. Rick’s cell phone rang during breakfast. It was our social worker letting us know that BM was asking for $1000 in addition to the $4000 living expenses we had already given her. She said that she needed this money in order to move. We felt caught between a rock and a hard place. Do we withhold the money and take the chance that she might “run” with the baby? Do we give her the money in an effort to appease her? It was a tough decision. Looking back on it now, I still have mixed emotions about that decision. At any rate, we agreed to pay her more.

During the seven hour drive to Louisiana, the social worker called again to ask for yet another $100. I got on the phone this time, being the take-charge, bossy woman that I am, and said, “If she thinks we are made of money, she is wrong! Tell her we’ll bring $100 more, but that. is. it.”

The rest of the day and night were an emotional roller coaster for everyone. We had been told that we could actually see Liam briefly that evening, if the social worker felt confident in BM’s decision to place. Our social worker never called us that evening, and our tension mounted as we imagined the worst…that we had been duped.

The sun came up on Day 5, and we paced the floor awaiting the phone call that would tell us to come get our baby. We have video of us during this waiting period, and our extended family is visiting and enjoying themselves, but Rick and I are off to the side being very quiet. I was so scared that my heart was going to be ripped open again.

By 8:30 am, I was feeling fear grip me, and I told Rick that he had to call to at least see if BM had shown up to sign papers. Indeed, she was present, she had signed the papers, and she was being counseled one more time. A huge sigh of relief was heard from everyone present, and I was finally able to jump for joy, literally. Thirty minutes later, our social worker called to say, “Rick, your baby boy is crying for you. You can come get him now.” Yahooooooo!

We drove straight to the office. I remember jumping out of the car and making sure that I was the first person to see Liam. No one was going to get in my way of finally holding my very own baby! What is absolutely amazing is that the instant I saw him, I knew he was mine! All of the failed fertility treatments and the failed adoptions made sense in that instant…none of those babies were intended for us. God had Liam specifically planned for us.

Not only do I know that in my heart, but I have two facts that help solidify it. First, the month that Rick and I began the adoption process is the same month that Liam was conceived! Second, BM went to the adoption agency for the first time on the same day that our eighth adoption fell through!

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Amen!

The joy that filled my heart on April 30, 2003 was evident on my face. I don't think I put Liam down for hours, because I was finally a mommy!

Peanut will be 4 years old tomorrow. I can hardly believe that it's been four years. He has brought our entire family such joy and laughter. I love you, big boy!


Margaret said...

He is absolutely beautiful in that pic. And you are right - the joy is beaming! The Lord blessed you all.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing it with us. That picture sums it up beautifully, you look so content with that snuggly little Peanut on your chest.

I love a happy ending.


oh amanda said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing!

fivemjs said...

He is so beautiful. I love your stories. I have heard small bits of it...but never the whole thing.

Marianne Johnson

mrsbear said...

What a wonderful story. He is perfect. So glad I stumbled over, I'll have to read your other two adoption stories tomorrow. Your boys are beautiful.