Let It Snow!

Let it be known that it SNOWED on December 2, 2009!

I don't remember a time in my life where it's snowed this early in Texas. It was only a dusting, but it's snow nonetheless.

Since it was in the 70s last week and the 50s the day before this snow, it didn't last long. But we're still rip-roaring excited about it, and the boys are hoping for "lots and lots of snow next time". Me too!

When we went out to take these pictures, Winston picked up on all of our excitement and wanted to join us outside. When we lived in Colorado, he loved to play in the snow. He would run and play in it while I shoveled the driveway. I think he remembered those fun times, because he ran through the yard like a maniac this morning. But two minutes later, I found him by the garage door:
"Mom, pleeeeease let me inside. My aching bones aren't what they used to be."

After we took Liam to school, the littles and I went to the gym and returned home for hot chocolate by the Christmas tree.
(Do you think I actually let them drink hot chocolate by the tree...on the carpet?! No way! We drank it at the table and staged the photo afterward.)

If you look close, you can see a hot chocolate mustache on Jackson. Teehee.

Right here is where I'm going to admit that I am prideful about already having my tree up and fully decorated. It's been up since the day after Thanksgiving. And my Christmas shopping is almost finished. Yes, I'm proud. Please forgive me while I relish in the lack of stress ahead of me this month.


Bee Jay said...

How precious that poor Winston needed to get inside fast! I don't blame him although I would like to experience a Christmas with real snow - ours is usually so hot we all try to find a cool spot to rest up after our big meal of traditional 'baked' dinner of vegetables, turkey, ham, lamb or beef and plum pudding and custard afterwards. Yum. Your boys look so comfortable enjoying their chocolate in front of the tree. Guess it's hard for kids to wait for Christmas morning. Enjoy your Christmas day and have a blessed time with family.

Debbie B said...

Loved the staged hot chocolate picture.