CO Day 16: Yet Another Reason Half My Heart Resides in CO

When we were in Denver, we were about an hour away from my brother's house, which means we were only an hour away from our Edie fix! (Edie is now 17 mos.) Unfortunately, she was sick most of that week, so we couldn't see her until our last day.

When we got to her house, she was napping. But after a while, her daddy said she could get up. Our first look at her included a bed head. :)
It took her a few minutes before she warmed up to us. But nothing a couple of bites of sandwich and a few goofy cousins couldn't cure.
It was a hot day, so we all went to a water park. The boys loved it. Edie...not so much.

I don't have any photos of the water park, but you can envision the boys running us ragged in every which direction and Edie thinking it just wasn't her cup o' tea.

Once it was Edie's nap time, the 5 of us took a drive to the mountains, while Edie girl went home for her beauty rest.

But we returned to play with our well-rested girl for the evening. We love her so much!
She's quite serious about the chip bowl.
But she's also a ham similar to Liam. It's a shame she didn't get any personality.
Look at those jowls!
And those serious eyes and luscious lips....
After dinner, I carried her to bed. We laid face to face on her bed and read a book together. Twice. She pointed and babbled. I pointed and read. We looked each other eye to eye and sang a song. I asked if she was ready to go night night, and she put her thumb in her mouth. With that cue, I said, "I love you, Edie. I'll see you soon." She pulled her thumb out long enough to smile and melt my heart.

And that's another reason at least half my heart stayed in Colorado.

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