My Husband Called Me a Movie Star

When Rick got home from work last night, he hopped out of his truck and looked at my bangs with disappointment. He had hoped they would have grown an inch or six during the eight hours he was gone.

Me too.

And then he called me "Amelie". He would be referring to this chick:
I told him to hush or I would go dye my hair black just like hers. Better yet, I could really get his goat if I chopped all of my hair to look like her. And added white paint to my face.

In case you're wondering, we have seen "Amelie". I couldn't tell you a thing about it, being that I sleep through most movies. I imagine Rick will be leaving a comment on this post, so I'll let him comment on the movie, too.

Anyway, I am growing accustomed to my short bangs. Especially when I look at Amelie, I realize my bangs are not all that short.

I've had many people ask why I don't pull them to the side. I have tried it, but try as I might, they will not do it. It is as if they are on strike. And a couple of people have told me to just pull my bangs back in a headband, but I look all of 12 when I do that.

I'm just sucking it up and wearing them proudly. At least until they grow to my eyebrows.

There are far greater worries in the world. And much happier things to focus on, like my niece. She's a little slice of heaven.

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Votre mari aimant said...

Nul ne se compare à ma femme. Elle est belle.