Smile, You're on Candid Camera

I blogged very little between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That crazy time between the holidays sure makes me wish the world would stop for a breather during that time period.

How 'bout you? Shall we commission Mr. Calendar and request that life slooooow down for the month of December 2010?

Now that we're settling back into the norm, I wanted to rewind and post some pictures. Edie, my niece, came down from CO for Thanksgiving. While she was here, we had a photographer take pictures of my entire family. After a 2-hour photo session, we had over 300 pictures to sort through, which is slightly overwhelming to me. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the outtakes for grins.

Edie, the Michelin Baby

Yes, her cheeks are just as delicious as they look.

She brought her parents, too. (My brother, Ben, and his wife, Jessica)
We did get some really good pictures, but some of them caught us a little off guard. Like this:
But this was a little better:
What I really enjoy is candids of my boys like this:
And some weren't quite so "candid" but a little posing never hurt anyone:
And sometimes we were just a little confused on what the photographer wanted from us:
Liam really wasn't enjoying himself without his glasses, so we got a lot of squinting from him.
But I love this one:
Garrett had a hard time relaxing for the stranger lady behind the lens.
But this looks like my baby boy with caramel skin:
Jack was dubbed "Mr. GQ" that day:
A lot of our family shots were similar to this one, where Jack is looking somewhere else. Hello, Jackson?
I can't tell you how many times Rick and I had our eyes shut!
I love you, too, but can you get your nose out of my eye?
Thank you. That's much better.

While Rick and I were posing together, the boys were running amok, or so I thought. After our part was finished, we tiptoed to find Liam and my dad playing around.
And Garrett was climbing trees and would only stop to make faces at the stranger lady.
Jack often asks for my dad to do the "tick tock".
Yes, Rick and I stand around with our hands on our hips frequently.

And then my brother joined in all the horseplay.
My boys love all that rough play.

And I love my family portraits.


Daddy said...

LOL! Great shots!

Jennifer said...

These are sooo good. I really like the one that is good of all of the boys but you and Rick don't have your best picture face on!!!! Thanks for sharing.