Last Time on the CupRunnethOver

Two weeks since I've blogged!!!! That is entirely too long, and I apologize. I wouldn't blame you one bit if you gave up on my blog due to my lack of consistency. But for those that choose to stick with me....

I do love this blog. But my blog comes right after my love for God, my family, and Mac. (Mac is my computer for you lost souls without one.)

My family is probably thankful that they come before Mac and CupRunnethOver. Otherwise, they might not have decent meals to eat, clean clothes to wear, nor educated minds to work with.

Anyway, thank you to the hundreds who have called or emailed to check on me in my absence. (That might be a slight exaggeration for the two sweet ladies that have checked on me, but who's counting?) All is well over here. I've just had a hard time juggling all of the balls in my court, and blogging had to be dropped for a bit.

But I'm baaaack!

Reunited and it feels so good.

Sorry, back to 2009.

When I left you, I told you that I was boarding a plane to see my niece in Colorado. Boy, did I!

I left torrential downpours in Texas and found myself in a blizzard in my favorite state. Nearly two feet of the white stuff fell on my first full day there, and I sat on the couch in my brother's house all. day. long. The snow fell all. day. long. And I might have held Edie all. day. long. It was glorious!

I love me a good blizzard. I love a baby in my arms. And I love peace and quiet. Check, check, check.

My poor husband was stuck at home with sick boys and soggy weather. I felt guilty every once in a while. But I didn't let it spoil my trip.

Because this...

is a little slice of heaven.

I see those pictures, and my heart aches to see her again! She is so sweet. Laid back. Mellow. Calm!

No one is calm in my house. Ahem.

Anyway, those are the only pictures I have of my time with Edie. Silly me, I forgot my camera and had to rely on my cell phone for those two shots. I could have used my brother's camera, but it was actually nice to just sit and, you know, hold her, instead of worrying about getting a good picture or two hundred.

I guess you could say I enjoyed the "moment". Something I need to do more often.


Debbie B said...

What a cutie! Glad you enjoyed your moments with your niece. Back in time for even more soggy weather.

common mom said...

Oh you just want to chomp on those cheeks! She's beautiful!

Glad you had a good time . . . and seriously, a blizzard and no camera . . . perfect if you ask me! No pressure to go anywhere or do anything except enjoy the moment right in front you instead of through a camera's lense :-)

Glad you had a great time.