Yesteryear: Cheeeeese

I had one project in mind for this summer. For all that "down time" I was supposed to have. Yea right! What was I thinking?

Said project was to put all of our old photos on a flash drive. Family photos from 2003-2007 are all saved on CDs. It was a "system" created by my wonderful husband back when Liam was a baby, but Rick's not Type A like me. So this "system" of 30 CDs sitting in a shoe box is not an ideal solution in my world. I think a flash drive will be a better solution for looking up old photos, in which case I can be sentimental over old pics instead of throwing 30 CDs across the living room out of frustration.

Anyway, since summer is almost over, I'm in a crunch to finish this project. As I rush through the last 10 CDs, I want to begin a series I will call "Yesteryear", in which I will post some of my favorite photos of my boys' earlier days.

To begin, this is probably one of my all-time favorites of all three boys. I'll title it "Cheeeeese".

Left to right: Jack, Garrett, Liam

I can't remember when exactly this was taken, but it was probably early Fall 2006. Jack and Garrett would have been around 21 mos. and Liam was 3 1/2. I miss those crazy days!


Didi said...

I have always loved this picture, too. GB went thru that stage of wrinkling up his nose. And the expression between Jack and Garrett. I miss these years, too. But, I love them now at this age.

Bee Jay said...

So good to look over our kids photos of the past years. Great idea to put them on a thumb drive too. Blessings!

Jennifer said...

This is precious! So much personalities....and I am surprised to see all the chub on G! That is a great picture. Thanks for sharing.