CO Day 5: Sand Dunes

On our way from Salida to Pagosa Springs, we stopped at the Sand Dunes for a bit. My parents took me there as a child, and I have memories of running up the dunes and rolling down head first with not a care in the world. Rick had never been, and we knew the boys would love it.

My photography skills don't do them any justice, but the Sand Dunes are magnificent.
They're basically mountains of sand. Nothing but sand. God is so creative!
We hiked for 30 minutes and realized that hiking to the very top wasn't going to happen for us. Instead, we stopped, dropped and rolled. Garrett loved this method.
Liam liked to run to the top of a mound and do cartwheels going down.
He realized that cartwheels on sand are a lot more difficult than those on solid ground.
Jack found a piece of plastic and used it for skiing.
We had a long drive ahead of us, so we had to call it quits after an hour or so. We would all like to go back someday.

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