Hey, Mom, This Post Is For You

My parents have been out of town for over two weeks, and mom recently nagged me on Facebook to update my blog "or else!" Clearly, she doesn't understand how busy I've been over the past 8 days. She thinks that I have all of this spare time with my children in school, but she isn't taking into account how I need time for important things such as floating in the pool, picking my toe nails, and plucking gray hairs out of my head.

Two of those three activities have truly taken place in the past week, but I'll let you decide which ones. Although all three deeds would be time well spent.

In all honesty, I am surprised at how quickly the school days go by. As a homeschooling mom, I used to roll my eyes every time I heard a non-homeschooling mom talk about how her days run at the speed of light. To all of my homeschooling friends, please don't hate me, but the days do go by at lightning speed.

But back to fulfilling my mom's request. Not only did she ask me to blog, but my post must include pictures. Sheesh, the nerve of this lady!

Mom, I haven't taken many pictures lately, so this first one won't be new to you. But to the other two readers, it's background information.

On Saturday, the boys were playing upstairs. It was yet another hotter-than-hades day, so we were forced to play indoors, which naturally meant the boys were rough-housing. I was laboring over a good book and Rick was pounding on the piano, when we heard a thud and then a blood-curdling scream coming from our baby.

I've heard that horrible cry come from Garrett one other time, and it meant a trip to the ER when he was 15 months old for a broken arm. Hearing that cry again this weekend caused me to jump up and head for the ruckus.

When I met him on the stairs, he was holding his head and wailing. I had to rely on his brothers to give me the skinny on what happened. Apparently, G was playing on the floor and turned around to find the corner of his bed frame in the center of his forehead.

Is that a sad face or what? Poor baby.

Thankfully, there was no need to rush to the ER. I sent that picture to our parents within a few minutes of it happening, and my father-in-law (the doctor) immediately called to ask the pertinent medical questions. No nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or headache, so we were in the clear. Ice, ibuprofen, and TLC were enough. (Yes, it's really nice to have a doctor in the family!)

By Sunday morning, Garrett felt 100%, even though he had a nice bruised knot across his forehead.

On Monday afternoon, he pulled out paper and markers to satisfy his creative side. He draws regularly and is always quick to bring his latest creation to me. This particular drawing had me laughing out loud.
A self portrait. And a mighty good one, I might add. Glasses, curly hair, A&M shirt, and a bruised forehead...that's my G!


Didi said...

Thank you, my daughter. I will take the abuse if it means pics and blogs from you.

And, I think GG's artistic side is really getting good! Great self-portrait!

Amy Dawn said...

So nice of you to obey your mommy like that! My mom would tell me take lessons ;)

I am glad Garrett is feeling better and I agree that his self portrait is very creative!!