CO Days 12-17: Denver

Are you just tired of hearing about my trip? Do you wish I would just shut up already? Since this is my only scrapbook, I have really stretched out the memories here, but even I am growing weary. Never fear, the end is near.

After Pagosa Springs, we headed to Denver. Rick had some business to attend to, so we rented a house and made the trip work for all of us.
No, he didn't work from that chair for a week. I drove him to/from the office, and this is where he waited for the boys and me every morning.

While Daddy worked, we played at parks,
toured the Butterfly Pavilion,
and visited old friends.
Ethan and Ashley's parents were our first friends and neighbors when we moved to CO way back B.C. (before children).

And we met the Jensens B.C., as well. Actually, they had already adopted their eldest when we met, but we were childless and restless.

Seven years later, we have seven kids between our two families. God is good!

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