CO Day 16: Peaceful Valley

I promise this will be the last installment of our vacation. Pinkie swear. Or whatever.

While Edie napped, the CupRunnethOver family took one last chance to hit the mountains. Peaceful Valley was a good twenty degrees cooler, and it was a hoppin' place. Every campsite was filled, mostly with Texans seeking a break from our summer heat.
Every time we see a body of mountain water, we have to put our toes in.
It was breathtakingly cold.

But Winston found it refreshing.
My big boy and me:
My middle man:
My main squeeze and our youngest:
All of my men:
After a little rock-throwing and toe-dipping, it was time to head back. And after a few hours of playing with Edie, it was time to call it a night and pack up for the road home the next day. It was time to head back to reality.


Didi said...

I've enjoyed living your vacation via CupRunnethOver...especially day 16...

Daddy said...

I'm ready to go back next week. Oh, wait, I AM going back.