CO Days 5-11: Pagosa Springs

On the road again.... Jack just can't wait to get on the road again for another nap.
This child can SLEEP. The car is his best sleeping aide. He usually winds up with his head falling over. Look towards the background of this photo:
That's Jack's head allowing gravity to take over. And the forefront of that pic shows my fourth child, Winston, who is the best traveler...hands down. He rides with zero complaints. He just wants an occasional peek from your lap.
This particular ride took us to Rick's dad's cabin near Pagosa Springs, where we stayed the next several days.
It's a log cabin situated on 37 acres that back up to National Forest. There's plenty of room to roam.

V Rock is one of the mountains we see from our property.
Did you notice how quickly I went from "Rick's dad's cabin" to "our property"? We like it just a little bit there.

Out there, we walk and look for animals. We saw hundreds of chipmunks this year, as well as a few deer. We also found evidence of bear, and the neighbors reported seeing a mama bear with her cubs walking across our yard earlier in the summer.

When we're not hiking, the boys can be found playing baseball.
We took them to fish at the reservoir, but they caught nada. Instead, we surfed the net.
Rick and I joke about our phones out there. Cell coverage is very spotty in and around the cabin. As soon as we found a spot to give us 3G, we'd freeze and yell, "Don't move! I've got 3G!"

But he didn't want me to take his picture while playing with his phone, so he posed in hopes that I would only post this:
He also talked us into another "hike". This one took us to Buckles Lake, and it was easy and pretty.
Buckles Lake was very still and peaceful.
When I look at that picture, I feel my pulse slowing. The glass-like water just tells me to slow down. What beauty the Lord created for us to enjoy, if we'll just take the time to look.

Columbines were plentiful this year.
On our way back down, the boys climbed onto this rock. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures with them from the entire vacation.
Rick's parents joined us for the last 24 hours. These boys love their Ni and Pop.
Their Pop loves to see them enjoying his cabin.
Or is it that we love to share our cabin with Pop?

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