Looking at the Big Picture

Our house sits on a corner lot, and our eating area is surrounded by two large windows. This allows us to be very watchful (a.k.a nosey).

As we ate lunch the other day, one of our very pregnant neighbors was outside. She's so pregnant that her shirts no longer cover her belly.

As the boys noticed her belly, all eating stopped and many questions ensued. "Why is her belly showing", "Why is her belly so big?", etc.

I explained that she is pregnant and will have a baby girl soon. To which Garrett (almost 3) replied, "When I get bigger, I have a baby girl and be a good daddy."

And my mind immediately carried me down the road, envisioning my baby boy being a daddy, holding his baby girl for the first time. I teared up with this little vision and had to bring myself back to the present in order to keep my emotions under control. I looked deep into his little brown eyes and said, "Yes, Garrett, you will be a good daddy someday."

That small glimpse into the future reminded me to look at the big picture here. I tend to get stuck in a rut, focusing on the fits, the messes, the arguing, the monotony of our present life.

Someday Garrett will be grown and gone. Someday he will give his love and his heart to his own family.

His preschooler fits will cease. Tears will rarely come to his eyes. His chunky cheeks will be slim. I imagine he'll shave off his curls. I wonder what he will enjoy doing.

I need to remember to look at the big picture, because I am prayerfully raising these boys to be godly men. And because they are God's children, I must remember that His plan is bigger than today's fits and messes. He has great plans for these little men, and all I need to do is prayerfully and gracefully guide them in the right direction.

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