A New Addition

We have a new addition!

No, we have not adopted another baby. I wouldn't be quiet about that! I would fill you in on every detail. It would be something like, "Hey, we've decided to adopt again." And then, "Hey, we started the paperwork." Then, "We're working on our home study." Finally, "We're in the hurry-up-and-wait mode." Lots of photos of our new baby would fill the blogoshpere soon thereafter.

Instead, Liam grew tired of asking for another dog or a cat. I think he figured he might as well give up on me, because I keep telling him we don't need another animal. So he's adopted an acorn.

Internets, meet Sally.
Sally came from Bear Creek Park and now resides in the CupRunnethOver home. Because there's no room in this inn, Liam made her a bed of straw in a plastic bowl. I've convinced him that she does not need water.

But he decided she did need a cousin, so he's also added Cocky the rock. Look close, and you'll see Sally's playmate snuggling in.
Incidentally, I have no idea where these names have come from. I feel pretty sure that Liam will not be naming his baby sister, whenever she comes to life.

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Common Mom said...

HA! I think it's awesome! I always giggle and smile when my kids find a way to get what they want even though I say no :-)

BTW - we're going to pick out an 8 week old yellow lab from a litter of 9 puppies this evening. We get to bring her home today . . . I'm sure Jason would love to build her a bed of straw and put it right in his room!