You Look So...

While riding along in the car the other day, I had the Jayhawks playing in the background. I love the Jayhawks!

"You Look So Young" was playing. Jack and Garrett were chattering about this and that, apparently oblivious to the music. But Liam was riding along quietly. About halfway through the song, he asked, "Mommy, they singing 'you look so yum'?"

"No, baby. It's 'you look so young'. But you can sing it however you like!"

Jayhawks' fans...what's your favorite song? If you have another band that reminds you of the Jayhawks, tell me about them, too.


Rick said...

Favorite Jayhawks Songs..
I'm Going to Make you Love
I'd Run Away
Waiting for the Sun
...every song on Rainy Day Music

Common Mom said...

I've gotta go with the easy one - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me :-) I'm realizing that I need to get some more Jayhawks music . . . iTunes here I come!

Brian in Seattle said...

Blue, the greatest of them all!
One Man's Problem, what a great chorus.
The Man Who Loved Life, can it get much sadder?
Ten Little Kids

There are just too many!