On the Topic of New Additions

Because Sally the acorn and Cocky the rock don't require too much of me, we've been entertaining the idea of baby numero quatro. Actually, I've been entertaining the idea for a while, maybe six months or so.

Originally, Rick wasn't too keen of the idea. He was sufficiently worn out from the three boys that tend to sap his energy, free time, and cash. And there are certainly days where I understand that train of thought.

However, when I think about how close my mom and I are, I know that I must obtain me a shopping buddy, I mean a daughter.

These boys prefer shopping at the Home Depot. Me, I prefer Lucy or Ann Taylor Loft. But I digress.

Although we're raising our boys to be a close-knit family, I fear that when they get married, they'll leave and cleave, as they should. But if I have a girl or two, I hope to still have the close relationship that my mom and I have.

Rick has slowly come around to the idea over the past few months. He wants a girl to spoil. She won't be worth two cents, once she wraps him around her little finger.

I haven't made him aware of how much a girl can cost her daddy's bank account, so help me keep that under wraps, okay?

Anyway, we've been talking about a baby casually, here and there. "What will we name her?" "When is the time right?" "What room will be hers?" Yadda, yadda.

I know we're getting closer, but in my mind, it still seems about a year away.

Until a couple nights ago.

As we climbed into bed, Rick said, "When we get our baby girl, we'll put her bassinet in our room."

What?! I didn't realize he was that close to taking this plunge.

"The boys never slept in our room, because we couldn't sleep through their every whimper and the crinkle of the diaper," I quickly reminded him.

"I know, but this might be our last baby, so we better enjoy her," he said sappily.

But she might need a sister....

We must be pretty close to jumping into the adoption process. I still think we should wait until Rick gets another raise in the Fall, but I think if I said, "Let's go now," Rick would be ready.

The thought of another baby is exciting and scary. Another little one to love and cuddle. Another mouth to feed. Another little one to watch explore the life around her. Another one to end our sleep. Another life to shape. Another college fund to support. More cuddles and giggles to enjoy.

Will one more be enough? I don't know. I can't imagine being finished ever, but it will have to end somewhere! I guess I'll slow it down and try to enjoy today for what it is.


Anonymous said...


I'm on board, if you couldn't tell....


Common Mom said...

When I was pregnant with Jason, I kept hoping and hoping that he would be a boy, because quite frankly, if I ended up with 3 girls, I dont know what I would have done. You know me . . . definitely not the girly type, and I KNEW I'd have a girly girl. Jason did indeed come with exterior plumbing, so I was happy as a clam. And when baby 2 had indoor plumbing, I was even happier. Keira is the sweetest most independent fun-loving goofy little girl . . . I love her to death - pink clothes, dresses, dolls, and all. I can't imagine not having her in my life. She's taught me so much. I KNOW you'd absolutely love a little girl to death!

Keep me posted! I can't wait to hear more :-)

Oh, and if everyone waited to have children until they could afford it, none of us would ever have children. It's amazing what ideas we can come up with and things we can cut back on when we have to :-)

Margaret said...

A total stranger is most excited to read this news!!!!