A Field Trip

We have been studying the letter K this week, and I decided to treat the boys to a field trip today. What better place to visit for the letter K than Krispy Kreme!

I decided to keep this morning's destination a secret, and the boys could hardly stand the suspense during the 15-minute drive. They said things like, "Mommy pleeeease tell us where we're going!" But I loved the torture!

My boys have never darkened the doors of Krispy Kreme, so when we drove up to the building, they didn't know what "Krispy Kreme" meant. I had to actually explain what it is, which cracked me up. I have a feeling that if we drove by this building on a daily basis, they would no doubt figure it out, but we are rarely in that area.

As they got out of the car, they jumped for joy, as if they could feel the sugar entering their bodies by osmosis. I managed to get a picture of them before entering the building.
Liam was so excited to see that it's a "factory! A FACTORY, MOMMY!" The boys actually watched the doughnut-making process for a long time without asking for a doughnut. I thought they would request a snack immediately, but they were content to watch the process.

Jack was especially fascinated. He couldn't pull himself away, even when I said, "It's doughnut time!"
I'm just kickin' myself for not taking pictures of the eating process. I'm sure you can imagine the chocolate icing and sprinkles covering their faces and hands. It took nothing short of the miracle of baby wipes to clean them up.
After loading our bodies with more sugar and fat than we need in a week, we loaded up to run a few errands. The pictures below explain what took place after the sugar crash.
Although Liam looks sweet and innocent, this photo was taken after he threw a toy at Jack's head. And I read him the riot act about how to behave with or without sugar running through his veins.
And Garrett, who is usually a ham for the camera, was ready to cry at the mere idea of one more photo. And Jackson decided that a cat nap was the best way to handle the sugar low.
I must agree.

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