Where Have I Been?

Whew! It's January 7, 2008! It's just hit me that it's a new year. It has been crazy around here since December 24th. I figured that life might slow back to the normal craziness by January 2nd, but it hasn't. There's this extra level of chaos that doesn't seem to be waning.

Our Christmas was nice. We stayed close to home and spent time with both sets of parents. The boys received way too many gifts, so I spent the 26th finding homes for their new toys.

But what have I done since then? I'm not really sure. It's all a blur! This photo reminds me that we stayed home on New Year's Day. It was a PJ Day, and we made hats out of the newspaper. Of course, we watched way too much football.

The next few days are, once again, a blur. I must be getting old, because I can't remember why I've been so busy, but I've been busy. Have you ever felt that way? Please tell me I'm not alone!
Just a couple nights ago, we pulled out the new air popcorn popper. The boys were thrilled with the physics lesson. Rick and I were not so thrilled with the taste of the popcorn. Really, air-popped popcorn tastes like air. I might as well save myself the calories and gulp down some air that's already hanging around me.
After our Aggies lost the Alamo Bowl, we decided to concentrate on basketball. Above, Jack and Rick are watching the Ags beat LSU 79-53. Whoop!

Just yesterday was Jack's third birthday.
Here he is blowing out the candles on his brownie. He requested cheeseburgers and brownies for his birthday, so we had the grandparents over for that fat-filled meal.

And because he's three, and Garrett will be three next month, we decided it was finally time to take down the cribs and allow them to stretch their wings and fly into big boy beds.
Here they are this morning. I made a HUGE deal out of the fact that I found them both in their own beds.
Garrett was sure to tell me this morning that his birthday is "NEXT!"

And Jack was sad to hear that his birthday is officially over. "It is over?" Yes, baby. But they have an awesome party coming up in a few weeks. More on that later....

Really, this post is going nowhere, so I'll wrap it up. My brain still feels like it's in a holiday fog, so I apologize for the random and boring post. I hope to get my routine back soon, which will help my blogging greatly.

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Common Mom said...

What have you been busy with? Ummmm . . . 3 young boys, a wonderful husband, family . . . add to it all the other awesome stuff you do and there you go :-) Quite often I've wondered out loud . . . I always felt like I had so much going on and was so busy - then I had kids . . . and I'm still doing all the other stuff AND being mommy to two wonderful children . . . what ever DID I do with all of my time before kids??? I think busy just takes on a whole new meaning when you become mommy :-) Now I will end this boring and random comment :-) Happy 2008!