Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Garrett will officially turn 3 tomorrow, February 2nd. My baby is growing up!

I was blessed to take Garrett to the nursery immediately following his birth. I was able to bathe, feed, and love on him. It was a wonderful time of bonding for mommy and baby.

This photo was taken the day we were able to leave the hospital. It is one of my favorite photos of him.

This photo was taken a few months ago, but I haven't shared it on the blog yet. He is a sports fanatic, and baseball is at the top of his list.

It is hard to imagine life without my baby G. Happy birthday, baby boy!

For those new to my blog, Garrett's adoption story begins here.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!

(he's completely smiling in that 2nd picture by the way!!)

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Oh Ami! I had no intention of spending my Saturday morning in tears! (I clicked EVERY link and read all 3 boys' adoption stories)

:-) How blessed you are! Happy Birthday Garrett!

Amberly said...

How neat! Happy Birthday, Garrett!