The Birds and the Bees

We had some good friends over for dinner Saturday night. The mommy is 6 months pregnant with baby #2. Towards the end of the evening, she became hot and took her sweatshirt off, which left her belly covered by a t-shirt and yoga pants.

Liam noticed her bump and said, "You have a baby in your belly?" To which she replied, "Yep, she's in there." Without missing a beat, Liam asked, "You swallowed her down to your belly?"

That sounds like a perfect explanation to me.

What are some similar statements/questions your little ones have had along this topic?


Amberly said...

A few months ago, my daughter who was 8 at the time, asked me how it was that a man and a woman made a baby. I'm usually not good when it comes to thinking of things in a hurry, but I was proud of my answer. I said, "They love each other a lot and pray about it." That seemed to satisfy her--at least for a while! I'm holding my breath! :)

common mom said...

We didn't have the conversation about "people" babies, but about puppies. Keira wanted to know where Duma's dad was when we went to pick her out, because we got to see Mandy, Duma's mom. I told her that Duma's dad was at his house with his family. She wrinkled up her nose and wondered out loud why the dad wouldn't want to be with its babies. I tried to explain the best I could. Then silence, for about 10 minutes . . . then "How do dogs marry?" I said they don't. "Then how did they get puppies if they didn't marry?"

I guess I've been a little too elementary with my explanation of "Two people get married, they love each other, then they have a baby." :-)