What Do I Need to Know?

No one told me that parenting boys requires great Lego skills.

Liam: Mommy, will you build me a house with 2 doors and 3 windows?

Mommy: Me? Don't you want Daddy to do that for you?

L: No, you.

M: Can you find the instruction booklet for me? I can make it if I have a picture to follow.

L: Just build a house, Mommy.

M: (Sweating) Okay, here goes nothing.

10 minutes later: We quit with both of us in tears.

Besides great Lego-building skills, is there anything I should know about mothering boys?


Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Transformers! Veggie Boy is 9 and I still can't "do" them. If he gets stuck he just has to wait until Daddy gets home. :)

It's awful.

Elaine A. said...

I loved legos as a child, but I had 3 older brothers and got their castaways.

Like the photo of you and your husband too.

Gorgeous family!