On Growing Up

I decided today that I will be terribly sad when my boys are too old to enjoy:

  • playing at the park
  • blowing bubbles
  • telling me they love me in public
  • singing "You Are My Sunshine"
  • eating picnics
  • jumping in rain puddles

What about you? What will you miss about your child's current stage?


Jodie said...

Exactly the same list! You Are My Sunshine is Jason's before bed song. Close To You is Keira's and they love to sing it with us every night!

Jason is already starting to not want to kiss and hug me and say I Love You in public . . . well, mostly just at school. I keep telling him that he is NOT too old to give me kisses and hugs in public ;-) But I don't push it when his friends are around. He pretty much refuses to give Keira a kiss and hug at school anymore - his friends might see! The horror!

He and I are going to have to work on a secret something-or-other for our morning goodbye ritual . . . I will NOT leave my child at school for an entire day without a hug, kiss, and I Love You in some form or another. You never know what can happen throughout a day!

Margaret said...

I don't have children yet - but Mark is (honestly - how wierd is this) in the bathroom singing "You are my sunshine" right now. OF course, he has changed its tune a bit but still....quite funny

Amberly said...

I will miss them giving me lots of hugs and kisses. I also am told by parents whose children are grown that I will miss all the things that they do like making messes that keep me so busy!

oh amanda said...

I'll miss it when she cries and I'm the only one who can comfort her.

I'll miss it when peek-a-boo is boring.

I'll miss having to carry her around b/c she can't walk fast enough.

I could go on and on.

What a pretty post!