I Want to Hear from You!

This is my 103rd post. For several weeks, I had been thinking about how to commemorate my 100th post. I hadn't really come up with anything earth shattering, so when the century mark actually fell on the day before Garrett's surgery, I decided talk about him instead. Now that I've spent the last six days worrying over his health, I'm ready to write about something else.

A lot of bloggers celebrate their one-hundredth post with 100 factual and sometimes quirky tidbits about themselves. However, I might bore you to death with 100 facts about me. Not only am I not that exciting, but I'm suffering from some writer's block.

So, here's what I'm thinking...why don't you post a comment with a question or a topic of discussion for me. My site meter tells me that there are 35 of you faithful readers out there, so don't be shy! Hit me with your best shot! But please keep it family friendly.


Margaret said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. I have always been interested in adoption - my now fiance (woo hoo) and I are definitely considering it. We would love to do it.

My question - have you considered adopting more or is your family complete?

And another - what advice would you give another couple considering adoption?

Jodie said...

With all that you guys have been through with the adoptions and how blessed you have been with your 3 beautiful boys, you have to share how you handled 3 children, boys no less, that were so close in age. You are one of the women with the gift of mother :-)

And congratulations on 100 - and 3!