Time Will Tell

Thanks to Margaret for question numero uno to get my brain back in writing mode. She asked two questions, but they each deserve their own post. Today's question is: "Have you considered adopting more or is your family complete?"

Just last night, I was watching a show on TLC about a family with thirteen kids! Oh my word, that wears me out just typing it! I was watching this show in my bed last night, because anything past 9pm must occur with my pillow under my head, quite frankly. Rick came to bed during the last few minutes of the show. When he realized what I was watching, he covered his head with his pillow and said, "I do NOT want thirteen kids!" I laughed and asked how many he would like. As I asked this, I silently prayed, "Please say at least four!" But he didn't. "Three is just enough for me," he said with pure exhaustion filling every square inch of our bedroom.

To give him credit, he had just spent the entire evening in the backyard with the boys, while I kept my allergy-laden body in the air conditioning. Nothing will wear him out more than working a full day at the office and coming home to hit the backyard in 99% humidity with squealing boys. Word to the wise: do not ask your husband for more children after he's been playing outdoors with the children for three hours in addition to his normal work day!

To put all kidding aside, yes, we want to adopt again. Although we have days like yesterday, where we are completely worn out and wonder how in the world we could handle just one more child, we both know deep in our hearts that we are not finished. I would really like to have a girl.

Will we stop with one more baby? I don't know. I imagine that Rick would adamantly say "Yes!", but I can't imagine ever being finished!

Before we got Liam, I remember another adoptive mom telling me that adoption is addictive. I thought that sounded crazy at the time, but it is very true. It's like eating just one chip. How can you take just one, when you know how wonderful they are?! I'll take a handful, please.

The next question people typically ask is, "When?" I'm not certain. I can tell you that I am not ready right now. I still have two in diapers, for goodness sake! It would be nice to get Jack and Garrett potty trained and a bit more independent before adding a fourth child. Maybe in another two years. Only time will tell.

But I can tell you with great certainty that we will not have thirteen kids! Mercy!

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Yeah!!! You answered!!