Monday, Monday

I am in a rotten mood today, and I keep wondering why. But I think I've nailed it down to the following:

1. It's Monday.
2. We had an amazingly fun weekend as a family, and it's over, being that it's Monday.
3. I'm craving junk food, being that it's Monday, and I need to seriously cut back after eating everything within arm's reach over the weekend.
4. I hate my hair, and that has nothing to do with the fact that it's Monday.

I think #1 sums it up the best.

How's your Monday?


Margaret said...

is there ever such a thing as a good Monday? Esp a good hair-day Monday???

Jodie said...

Monday was Monday :-) Volleyball is over and I'm not playing this summer, so Monday is no longer Mommy Day - at least this one wasn't - next week is still up for grabs. I woke up crabby cuz I was sore from moving that trampoline to our yard . . . my daughter had an AWFUL Monday morning, constantly whining (I can't STAND whining), I didn't get to workout before work because of said daughter's whining and our resulting late departure to school. Other than that - it was great! Great day at work, great evening with the kids after work - so it ended up all good :-) Here's to hoping your Tuesday is better!