Preconceived Notions

Before becoming a mommy, I had some preconceived notions about how parenting would run.
Item 1: I will not sleep through the night for the first few months. Check.
Item 2: I will love my children immensely. Check.
Item 3: I will dread potty training. Check.

I also had some preconceived notions about children's likes and dislikes.
Item A: Children who hate vegetables hate vegetables because their parents hate vegetables. Wrong.
Item B: Children who fear the dark fear the dark because their parents teach them to fear the dark. Wrong.
Item C: Children who fear bugs fear bugs because their parents freak out at the sight of a bug. WRONG!

Explanations for my wrongness on children's likes and dislikes:
Item A: Rick and I eat vegetables daily, not only because we know that we need to eat veggies but because we enjoy them. Give me a plate full of broccoli over a burger any day. Two of my boys, however, think that vegetables come directly from Satan.

Item B: Rick and I do not fear the dark. Our house is too bright at night, in fact. Some of those black-out curtains in our bedroom would be a great investment. Liam, however, flips out if we do not leave a lamp on for him. A lamp that might signal the astronauts to our exact location.

Item C: Rick and I have shown ZERO fear of bugs to our kids. Jackson, our "all boy", has an all-out phobia of bugs. During our picnic today, he went absolutely ballistic when a butterfly landed on his arm. A butterfly, y'all!

Can anyone please explain how this happens?!

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