There's this meme floating around Bloggityville lately that I just can't continue to pass up any longer. This meme consists of seven things about me. Here goes....

1. I nearly drowned as a five year-old. I got into water too deep over my head, and I remember the horribly helpless feeling of bobbing up and down and trying with every ounce of my body to scream for help. When my parents discovered me, my lips were turning blue. I made it, obviously, but I still have a fear of the water to this day. I do not want water in my face at any time, including the shower. But I do mange to wash my face regularly, thankyouverymuch.

2. I abhor june bugs! They are the most disgusting insects on the face of this earth. This phobia also dates back to my early childhood when one got tangled in my long hair. Those nasty things tend to gravitate towards my hair every summer.

3. I have a tattoo. I'm too lazy to get the camera to take a picture of it right now. It's a black icthus (the Christian fish) on my left ankle. My mother hates it. I like it. I want another one. (Hi, Mom.)

4. I secretly want six kids. (Hi, Rick.)

5. I graduated from college with three credit hours shy of a double major. Yes, that's right, only three hours short of it. I could not force myself to stick around one more semester for the one required course that I needed. I don't know if my parents know that fact. (Hi, Mom.)

6. I used my degree to teach math and science for five years before becoming a mommy. I miss the actual teaching part, but I haven't missed the parents for one day. Parents, be nice to your kids' teachers!

7. I want to skydive!

That was fun. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to join in on your own blog, consider yourself tagged and leave me a comment so that I can check yours out.


Jodie said...

Go skydiving! It's the most exhilerating thing I've ever done. I have to admit it would be hard to force myself to jump out of an airplane now that I have young children, but I would never take back that first jump.

Anonymous said...

Yay! These were way fun! Excpet the drowning one - yikes! I someday soon need to do a post about how I save my sister's likfe THREE times from drowning! jeez!

I loved the parents/teacher comment. It reminded me of awhile back on Post Secret how someone sent in a postcard saying "Parents - when you are rude to us, it makes us hate your kid. Sorry!" I will never be rude to a Teacher...


Anonymous said...

I actually DO know how to spell and I wasn't typing with my forehead. Sorry.

Your husband said...

I just went to the pet store and picked up one ferret and one lizard. And I picked up Paris Hilton's dog (cause I think she needs to go to jail). How's that for six kids?