Retro Factory

Do you remember this shirt?
And how I asked where I can find another? Now that warm weather is here and summer is around the corner, that shirt has been retired. Garrett and I shed a few tears as I put it away.

But one of my readers has saved the day! (Hi, Pat!) She found the Retro Factory. If you love the Beatles and need t-shirts for you and your kids, then let me tell you, you are set!

Or if you prefer Billy Idol or The Cars or whatever classic band, then head on over to the Retro Factory. (Did I just call The Cars classic? Ahem.)

I'm betting this will be Garrett's favorite. And if we ever get a fourth child, he or she will need this.

My mother will protest a baby girl wearing a black Beatles onesie, but guess what? Black is very slimming, and a baby girl will need to learn that important fact early in life.

For all you classic TV lovers, Retro Factory also has shirts for many TV shows. I plan to order this for myself:
This post is not sponsored by Retro Factory, but if they want to sponsor us, we'll take 5 t-shirts. I'll get our sizes to you pronto.


Dearest Jessica said...

Those are so cute! Your such a cool mom..with some really coold hip kids!

Didi said...

I wonder if they have a shirt called "My three grandsons"?

I'm sure that G is thrilled that he will have a replacement.