Paul McCartney's Look Alike

I came upstairs to assist in brushing teeth this morning to find this:
That would be Garrett oohing and ahhing over his hair.

For several months, he has said that he wants his hair to "look like the Beatles." And I've tried explaining to him that his hair is curly and the Beatles' are not. Try as I might, there is no convincing him.

After Christmas, I told him that he could start growing his hair out on one condition: that he would allow me to comb and moisturize his locks every day. He has been very compliant about it and will even remind me to help him with it if I forget.

As I combed it out this morning, he giggled and continued to ooh and ahh. I giggled at him and asked, "Why is this so funny today?" He said, "Because my hair! It looks like the Beatles!"

I just about peed my pants. After I could take in enough air to speak again, I asked, "Which Beatle do you look like?" With all sincerity he said, "Paul McCartney."
"You are so right, G. Paul McCartney you are."

Guess what he had to say about that:
(Notice he's wearing his Beatles shirt. I have to keep that shirt clean, because if his Aggie jerseys are dirty, then his Beatles' shirt is next best. What will I do when he outgrows that t-shirt? I bought it at Target for Liam two years ago and have never seen another one. If you've seen any Beatles' T's for kids, please tell me where in my comments!)


Daddy said...

He looks more like Sgt. Pepper.

Mama Drama Margaret said...

KEep an eye out for Target. I bought Connor some similar ones (for future years of course). Also, there is a store in most major malls (I forget what its called) that carries that stuff.

Debbie B said...

Check ebay. But you could get creative and just sew the design on a new tshirt.