After the Game

We're in the middle of the most important time of our year right season. Well, if Rick were writing this, he would say that Aggie football season is the best time of the year, but it's my blog. I do love the Ags, but seeing my big boy play ball has been a ball.

After last night's game, we made a Sonic run. Because nothing says Mommy needs to gain another two pounds today better than drinking a cherry limeade two hours before bed. Hey, cut me some slack. At least I didn't drink a shake. That would have been another five pounds to my hips.

We brought the drinks home to enjoy in our backyard. We're trying to enjoy every waking moment of this spring weather, because we know Satan's heat wave is knocking on our door.

I've been wanting to share snapshots of my day, because I think it would be funny to catch odd photos throughout our day. But I've been lazy or busy or something, and lugging the camera with me all day just hasn't made it to #1 on my to-do list. But the sugar rush of last night's Sonic drink gave me the umph I needed to get the camera out.

Here's what happens after the game:
Liam sucks his drink dry. And then asks if he can finish his brother's slush. He's very helpful that way.
And then I take a photo of his bum to show you that he must sliiiiiide into home plate every time he makes it home. Now, last night's bum wasn't very dirty, because home plate was too muddy to allow a satisfactory slide. It was more like slide, kerplunk.

Meanwhile, Jackson has put his latest costume on. Get a load of this:
He has latex gloves on his hands, because every baseball player needs those.

Take a closer look at his head.
That's an old, ugly 1980s tie of my dad's that he has wrapped around his head and pushing his ears down. I asked him what it is, and he said, "It's hair." Duh, Mom!

What you can't see in the photo is that his pants are soaking wet from the time that he tried to sliiiide into his own home plate behind the bleachers. Only it was slide, KERPLUNK. Into a mud pond. He gets his grace from me.

Garrett donned his own costume.
Football was his game of choice last night. Aggies, he is your 12th man.

That's a wrap for the post game show. Have a good night.

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