I always promised myself I wouldn't be "one of those moms" that posts solely about her kids' sporting events. But since Liam's All Star tournament has pretty much taken over our calendar, I got nothin' else for ya'. Besides that, I am darn proud of my kid!

Instead of saying what an amazing hitter he is, or bragging about the best little short stop in town, how about I start with a little butt scratchin'?
I needed that butt-scratching comedic relief during this tournament, because I was completely taken aback by the tension among the parents and coaches. All of the parents commented on how nervous they were throughout each game. I felt like I might have a coronary a few times, but I thought I better settle down. I'd hate to embarrass myself with an ambulance ride.

The boys felt the pressure, too. But they were tough players.

And my little short stop...
he is the best in town.

And he's so ready to leave tee ball for coach pitch next year.
He's even got a good slide into home.
The umps had said at the beginning of the final game, that they would wrap up the game at 45 minutes. But at 49 minutes, they called for one more inning. That was unfortunate for us, because we had the lead before they called for the extra inning. But our boys lost the game by two points.

And my boy was so disappointed. I teared up for him, as I caught this shot.
That sad face made me want to go beat up those umps for that extra inning. Those jerks! But then I thought I better settle down before I embarrass myself over a ride with the police.

Instead, I put the camera down and went to love on my boy. I wonder if he'll let me do that next year?

As I loved on him, I reminded him of his 3 amazing hits, one of which almost left the park! I noted the 2 pop flies he caught. And I recalled what a good sport he's been all season. He quickly cheered up.

Besides, there was no time for mourning after he received a medal, trophy, and the game ball.
And his daddy is completely stoked over the fact that 2 coaches were recruiting Liam for next year.


Daddy said...

He is definitely my MVP!!

Debbie B said...

Wow! I didn't know they recruited that young!!!
Love the shot of him at bat. He really gets into it.
We went to see the final inning of my nephew's (6 yr old) all star game last week. The game had been stopped short the night before due to lighting. I was surprised at how competitive the other coach was.