In Memory of our Memorial Weekend

Rick re-injured his back just in time for the long weekend. Because he was feeling pretty awful Friday evening, this was the scene in my bedroom.
All 4 of my men were in my bed. Just after I took that photo, I joined them for some riveting show on Animal Planet. Even Winston was intrigued and joined us. There's nothing quite like family bonding in mama's bed with Animal Planet.

Contrary to my fears, we did not spend the rest of the long weekend in my bed. I'm not sure I could handle all that togetherness.

On Saturday, Rick took Liam to All-Star practice...(Did I not tell you that my eldest was chosen for the all-star team? Well, golly Miss Molly, I was trying to be humble and all, but guess what? My boy? He was chosen for the all-star team! Ahem.)

As I was saying, Rick was able to get out of bed to take Liam to practice Saturday, and I took the other two to the gym with me. Something told me that I would be consuming entirely too many calories this weekend to skip the gym until Tuesday.

And I was exactly right.

We reunited (and it felt so good) in time to go to my mother-in-law's house for some delicious lasagna and Blue Bell ice cream for dinner. Memorial weekend would not be complete without either of those delicacies.

After eating, we took Liam's rocket to a nearby field.
Liam has waited for nearly a month to shoot off this baby. Because it can soar to 600 feet, we couldn't launch it in our neighborhood. Every time we've planned to take it to some appropriate launch pad, storms have rolled in.

Anyway, the much-anticipated event was Saturday evening.

Daddy and Liam set it up. I believe Pop was providing moral support.
The Peanut Gallery was asked to move back. Something about our two 4 year olds near a live rocket made us a bit nervous to have them too close.
Houston, we have a problem. The much-anticipated rocket was not cooperating.
No ignition whatsoever. No snap, crackle, or pop. Nada.

Meanwhile, the clouds were rolling in. We were really going to have a problem if we couldn't get that rocket soaring before the storm.
The surgeon was called in for closer inspection of the instructions. (My father-in-law is a surgeon, for those that don't know.)
And the Peanut Gallery...
they were growing restless.

And Liam was/is a nut:
Finally, rewiring the blasted thing for the third time worked!
It reached about 400 feet.
The recovery crew was hot on its trail.
Liam was thrilled, and we were able to launch it two more times before the storm rolled in.

This is Rick's favorite photo:
I must agree it's a good photo, because my two eldest men are often working side by side on something.

Sunday was church. Today was more time at the gym in preparation for Memorial Day grilling.

And that bed where this post began...that is where I napped 3 times this holiday. And this couch where I am currently blogging...this is where I finished 2 books as well. I would say this was a successful weekend.

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Debbie B said...

What a great weekend! My favorite memory growing up is being in my parents bed just talking and being together.