I Can't Think of a Good Title Tonight, So Here's a Review of Our Weekend

Besides baseball, what does spring mean around here? The high-maintenance campers hit the road again! (For those of you who are fairly new to CupRunnethOver, you must stop to read this post to get the full effect.)

This past weekend found us near Corsicana, TX on Lake Navarro Mills with my parents and their fifth wheel that has life's necessities of running water and electricity. And it just might have 3 televisions, but who's counting?

These boys...
heart camping. The outdoors makes their hearts pump with all the dirt, bugs, sticks, rocks and whathaveyou. Add to that all the junk food that we pack, and they are set. See:
Did I mention bugs? Liam isn't at a campsite for 15 minutes before he's located his bug catcher and two or twenty bugs to nurture for the weekend.
Garrett just lavishes love on his Mama all weekend.
Actually, that is not quite true. He has time for me only when his little legs are worn out from all the hard play.

Around 6am Saturday morning, we woke up to the sound of rain and thunder. And it rained all. day. long.
Thankfully, we had those 3 TVs. The boys watched more movies on Saturday than they typically watch in a week. But don't judge us! What else do you suggest we do with three high-energy boys in a trailer on a rainy day?

We did read books and play games with them between flicks, however. Does that win us any brownie points?

While the boys were preoccupied, the adults played games. A 1983 version of Trivial Pursuit ate my lunch, but I credit my loss to the fact that I was a mere eight years old when it was printed. To set the record straight, I wasn't in last place.

But when it came to Mexican Train Dominoes, I brought the trailer down, y'all.

In case you're wondering, this is what Winston did all day:
He's perfectly useless, but I still love his ugly face.

About the time I thought we might need Noah's ark, the rain stopped. We hit the outdoors again and enjoyed crisp air for the rest of the weekend. All in all, it was a nice weekend that caused us to slow down and relax.

Now, you be the judge...does a trailer with water, electricity, and three televisions make us high-maintenance?


Winner of the 1983 Trivial Pursuit said...

I must admit that I am indeed a high-maintenance camper. It was a great weekend..regardless.

Jen Mall said...

nope! I makes you someone I could camp with!