Hapy Belated Birthday

I'm a terrible, no good mother. While I was on that blogging hiatus where hundreds of you flooded my email box with great concern, Liam turned 6, and I never wished him a happy birthday on my blog.

Maybe I'm still okay in his eyes, since he doesn't know what a blog is.

Just in case he finds me out, I better post some pics of his major life event.

Remembering that it's a non-friend-party year, we had grandparents over the night before for burgers and dessert. Liam asked for Derby Pie for his "cake". I'm pretty sure his daddy put him up to that request, since Liam had to ask me what Derby Pie really is. But since Liam loves anything with chocolate, Daddy was in luck.

The blowing out of candles was a huge to-do. Here he goes:
Taking in every ounce of oxygen he can find...
Throwing his head back for a little more drama...
Perfect mouth formation...
That was definitely an A+, bub.
What did he think of Derby Pie? How's this for an answer?
On his actual birthday, we headed to Aggieland for some baseball.
Although it was Liam's birthday, it was a family affair. And this little boys was one happy fan.
Garrett was so intense, watching the entire game. Not just watching but studying.

Jack would prefer to watch the fans behind us, so when I made him turn around, he sulked for a while.
Liam doesn't typically enjoy watching sports. He has too much energy to be a spectator, but he was a good sport that day.
It helps that we had some action, such as fighting between OSU's coach and the ump.
When Jack saw that raucous, he asked, "Mommy, are they fighting?"

"Yes, they are."

"They're not supposed to do that," he said.

"You are right about that."

We spent the night in a hotel, which thrills the boys to no end. They don't even ask for five stars.

This is probably my newest favorite picture of Jack.
Look at those eyes! I look forward to the day he can wear contacts so we can see those handsome eyes more clearly.

We had a second game to attend the next afternoon, so we had time to kill in the hotel that morning. This next photo might be staged.
And this one, too.
But this one was not. This was their idea.
We're raising them well, aren't we?

With still more time to kill, we went to a park for some catch.
Finally, we were able to go back to Olsen Field. I won't bore you with the 80 pictures Rick took of the game itself.

But I will show you a shot of the boys running the bases afterwards.
But the absolute highlight of the weekend was this:
A photo with our coach. Coach Childress recognized Rick and Garrett immediately from the correspondence he and Rick have shared over the past few months. He shook every one's hand and asked Garrett, "Lefty, are you still eating?" Garrett was speechless but was sure to nod his head in the affirmative.

Two wins, meeting their coach, running the bases, two-star hotel, and a big birthday...what more could a boy ask for?

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Debbie B said...

What a fun birthday. Stories for the boys to talk about for a long time.
Had I known you were headed to Aggieland I might have hit you up to do some shopping for me. I was looking for a few Aggie baby gifts.
The picture of Jack is amazing. Such a handsome guy.