Sanctity of Life

Yesterday was Sanctity of Life Sunday. As I read that tidbit of information from the church's bulletin, I wanted to ponder that thought...for a long time. But we were quickly run through the scheduled events of worship, Communion, sermon, prayer and announcements, and then we were all hustled out the doors for the next round of church-goers to have a place to sit. That hurt me. Why? Because life is sacred, holy. Thus, Sanctity of Life deserves more than a little blurb in the bulletin. A mere two sentences felt like, "oh, by the way, millions of babies have been aborted in our country, so be sure and stop by our welcome center to see how you can help our local crisis pregnancy center."

I'm not going to mention the name of the church. It's not my home church, as I was visiting my parents' church yesterday. I have no idea what "my" church had to say about Sanctity of Life yesterday, so I'm really not trying to "knock" this church. What I am trying to "knock" is our country as a whole. Hello, Americans, does anyone out there care that nearly 45 million babies' lives have been cut short by human hands?!

When I was 13 years old, I vowed to myself and to God that I would never, ever sit by and allow abortion to be spoken in favor of in my presence. And there have been times where I have had to swallow my fear and tell an outspoken pro-choice person how I feel about conception and life. I also vowed that I would never vote for a pro-choice politician, and, as we're beginning to hear about the 2008 Presidential elections, I will be researching which candidates that leaves as my options, which will probably be very few.

When I made those vows, I had no idea that I was infertile. I had no inkling that I would adopt three boys. I certainly had no idea that my baby Garrett would come from a birth mom who had chosen to abort three times prior to choosing adoption. God placed this fire inside me, the fire to fight for the unborn. So, when I read the blurb in yesterday's bulletin, it tugged at my heart.

Is life sacred to you? Then, please stand up and talk about it. Let's not be quiet any longer! As the election process winds up, be bold! I will!

If your church and/or family had something inspiring take place in honor of the sanctity of life yesterday, could you please tell me about it in my comment section? Thank you!

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