3 Years 9 Months

I'm not certain at which age I should expect Liam to call me "Mom", instead of Mommy, but I am most certain that 3 years 9 months is too young! He has called me Mom three times today. The first time, I ignored it. The second time, I replied with "Yes, Liam." The third time, I said, "Excuse me? I'm Mommy!" At which point, he giggled, so I'm certain that I'll be hearing it all the time!

To top that, he rolled his eyes at me during lunch. Rolled his eyes! He was slurping water from his cup, as if he has never been taught a single table manner in his life, of which I can assure you he has! I told him to stop. Instead of stopping, he rolled his eyes and continued! The audacity! At which age am I to expect such sassiness? (Is "sassiness" a word? I might've made that up.) Again, I am sure that 3 years 9 months is too young!

My mother and husband are having a good laugh over this, I'm sure. Yes, I'm an eye-roller. I roll my eyes so often that I honestly don't even realize I'm doing it. Again, I tell you, Liam is too young to pick up on this habit, I mean trait.

What's a mother to do?!


Daddy said...

I'm having a good laugh indeed!

Margaret said...

My nephew has all the same traits (3 1/2 - will be 4 in June). And if you ask him about something he has done bad - his response "I don't want to talk about that right now." and he walks away. Talk about sassiness! Of course, as the aunt, I have to hide my laughter as I run to the other room!