Children's Bible Suggestions

This is the children's Bible that we have had since Liam was a baby. Quite frankly, I'm bored with it. We've read it cover to cover twice, but his favorite stories have been read countless times. That "big fish story" is the most favored Biblical tale around here.

I think what I'm so tired of is the rhyming. Honestly, I never liked poetry. For those who can write it well, kudos to you. But, for me, my world does not exist in rhyming patterns. My world runs on run-on sentences. And fragments. And the occasional paragraph.

I went over to to do a quick search on what should be our next children's Bible. Good grief! Do you know how many results appeared? 13,425. The good news is that there are that many Bibles out there for kids. The bad news is that there are that many Bibles out there. I mean, how in the world do I choose one from 13,425? So, how about I just cut to the chase....

What children's Bible(s) can you recommend to me for my preschoolers? Please post a comment with the title of your most favorite. Thanks!

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Laura said...

Thanks, Ami! I'm working at hanging in there.