Help Wanted! *UPDATED*

Before starting my own blog, I was warned that Blogger might frustrate me. I went ahead with Blogger, because of its price (free!), thinking that this would be a trial run to see if I really enjoy blogging. Well, I do! In fact, I love it! I'm eaten up with it! My thoughts throughout the day are about my next post. And I'm constantly wondering what my blogging "friends" are writing about.

I've now been blogging for a whopping three weeks, and I'm frustrated with Blogger. My first complaint is that I can't have a creative look to my blog. It's boring, isn't it? I know it is! But to my knowledge, I'm stuck with the templates Blogger provides. If I'm wrong, please, please, I beg you, post a comment and enlighten me!

My second frustration is with the date setting. If you've noticed, I don't have any dates added to any of my posts. That would be because Blogger uses the date on which I write my draft, not the date that I publish. For instance, in order to participate in Shannon's Works-For-Me-Wednesday carnival, I like to write my draft on Tuesday, but I can't actually post it until the wee hours of Wednesday morning, if I want the date to show up correctly. (Yes, I know that I'm sounding anal. I am anal!) Does anyone out there know how to work around this problem with date settings?

For now, I will just type the date into my title. I'm not a techno wizard, as you can see!

*Gi Bee over at Kisses of Sunshine has enlightened me on how to work with the date settings. Thank you, Gi Bee!


Rocks In My Dryer said...

I hate to tell you this, but there's not much you can do about it. That's why I moved to Typepad.

If you move to Typepad (the "customizable" version I have is $9/month, it's SO easy and you can program your posts to post whenever you want to.

Doris said...

Hi :) Dawn at Barefoot Blog Designs ( did a wonderful job designing my template. I have Blogger also. Hope this helps. :) Have a good day.

KC said...

How do you do that date thing?? I have been blogging with Blogger since summer and I didn't know there was a way to mess with the dates, but that would be so helpful.